Converse drops fabulous Gay Pride collection with LGBTQ and Trans-inspired kicks for Pride 2019

With the vast majority of Gay Pride celebrations coming up in the May and June, Converse has embraced Gay Pride, Gay and Trans Rights with a new sneaker collection. Their Pride-themed shoes are designed with all the motifs, colors, and accouterments that are normally  associated with LGBTQI+ pride. You can see the full collection at or scroll down to view our gallery.

To do that, Converse has remixed their immensely-popular Chucks Taylors high top shoes with rainbows, glitter, lightning bolt designs, distinct patches. as well as strong colors representing the transgender flag. Based on that description, one might think the collection could get corny really quickly, but the way the company has integrated those themes has resulted in not only a strong collection, but one that everyone wouldn’t mind rocking.

Here’s all of Converse’s Gay Pride collection featuring designs inspired by Stonewall, LGBTQI+, and Trans rights.

Included in the above gallery of Converse Pride shoes are some of the templated designs that Converse released last month. These basic designs allowed users to personalize their own Gay Pride shoes based on their style, identity and politics. We’re particularly partial to the Chucks with the lightning bolts, we’d rock those any time any day — Gay Pride month or not.  View every shoe in the Gay Pride collection at Converse.

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