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Anthony Davis Lakers Jerseys are now officially available at the NBA Shop

The Toronto Raptors barely had anytime to bask in the glow their Championship before big NBA news took over the news cycle. As you already know by now, Anthony Davis was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers for a caravan of their young players including Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and four first round draft picks  — including the #4 pick they have in this year’s draft.

With the superstar Davis making the decision to leave the New Orleans Pelicans (and presumptive #1 pick Zion Williamson) and then aligning with another superstar in LeBron James, it’s already paying dividends. With rumors that Kyrie Irving may join them to form another NBA superteam, it’s going to be an exciting 2019-20 season in Lakerland no matter what happens from here on out.

No doubt, Davis has propelled the Los Angeles Lakers into contention for to challenge the Raptors, the Golden State Warriors and others for the title.

Anthony Davis Lakers Jerseys

After announcing that he would choose his grade school jersey number #3 in an Instagram post showing him in the Lakers purple and gold, no doubt Lakers fans are already scrambling for Anthony Davis Lakers jerseys.  The official Anthony Davis Lakers jerseys are now available.

Anthony Davis Los Angeles #3 Jersey | Get it at he NBA Store

LeBron James wanted to give up his No. 23 and go back to his Miami Heat No. 6, but the jersey number change missed a deadline. Nike, LeBron’s shoe company, didn’t allow for the change so Davis will wear #3 and James will wear #23 again next season.

Anthony Davis L.A. Lakers Jersey | Get it at he NBA Store

No doubt the NBA and their partners are scrambling to get those official and replica Anthony Davis jerseys pumped out purple and gold and white and black.

Prior to being released by the NBA in order to get an Anthony Davis Lakers jersey, you would have had to customize it at the NBAStore.  We’ll update this page once as more of the official and replica Davis Lakers jerseys come out. With the promise of the upcoming season, they won’t be able to produce enough LeBron and Davis jerseys to satiate the hunger. By the end of the season, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Davis will have one of the league’s top-selling jerseys.

How Far Can LeBron and Davis Take Lakers

In one of the league’s most formidable duos, the Los Angeles Lakers instantly went from afterthought to contender when they acquired Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for many of the Lakers younger players.

Essentially they sacrificed the long term future of the franchise and bet on the short term. There’s no mistaking the move was to get their best shot in 2019-20. In the face of all the embarrassing drama the franchise suffered this previous season and LeBron on the wrong side of his 30’s, James, Jeannie Buss and Rob Pelinka know that they don’t have a couple seasons of runway to make a run to the title.

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