December 15, 2018

What is a Tournament Bracket?

What is a Tournament Bracket

A “tournament bracket” is the sequence or series of games between participating teams involved in a single-elimination competition. A tournament bracket is referred to as such because of its resemblance to square bracket punctuation marks when written or typed onto paper. You can see an example of a bracket below:

tournament brackets inspired by brackets in arial font in  Microsoft Word).

Whether the tournament bracket is online or printed onto paper, it’s most common structure is represented by a y-axis (vertical) line drawing with two x-axis (horizontal) lines connected; one at the top of the vertical line and the other connected via the bottom of the vertical line. The two horizontal lines are approximately 40%-70% longer than the length of the vertical line.

In the middle of the vertical line, there’s another line that juts from it, connecting it to the next round of games and brackets. Here’s what a typical tournament bracket looks like.

Usually a bracket in basketball involves two teams playing against one another in a game. The winner of that basketball game advances to the next round. Yes, it’s is basically the outline of a rectangle cut in half.

How Does a Tournament Bracket Work?

With a basketball tournament bracket as the visual representation of how the tournaments teams are matched up in a tournament. How does it work?

A tournament bracket pits an even number of teams in several rounds of games until there’s only one team standing. A bracket contains a minimum of four games,, but usually the tournament field contains many more teams. Tournament rounds are determined by the amount of teams – the more teams there are, the more rounds there are.

Once the basketball field is set and games begin, the completion of each tournament round see the field halved. The more teams in the tournament field, the more rounds there are, and the field is usually divided into two halves with the winner advancing closer to the middle. The tournament teams compete in a single-game elimination play where the team that makes it through the bracket without losing is the champion of that tournament.

In short, it’s like the Hunger Games, but with sports teams instead of good-looking teenagers.

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