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Here are all the printable NBA team schedules for the 2020-21 season

Interbasket offers up and provides free and printable NBA team schedules. We are an established basketball resource and destination for printable tournament brackets, free basketball scoresheets, NBA team schedules, TV schedules and other printable basketball needs.

With out printable schedules, you don’t have to pay anything to download and print them out. Go through our large collection of NBA schedules – from the most popular NBA franchises the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks, we have every NBA team from A to Z (Atlanta Hawks to Washington Wizards).

Printable NBA Schedules

Since we have every team. We definitely carry your favorite team’s schedule in the highest-quality game calendar at no cost to you ever. These printer friendly NBA schedules are sure to add simplicity, convenience and awareness to your fandom.

We have every NBA schedule for the 2020-21 in the printable PDF, image or Microsoft Word formats you’re most comfortable with. Peruse the following NBA schedule list and click on the team and season you want to download a printable team schedule for. It’s as easy as that.

NBA team schedules
Team Schedule Season
Atlanta Hawks schedule 2020-21
Boston Celtics schedule 2020-21
Brooklyn Nets schedule 2020-21
Charlotte Hornets schedule 2020-21
Chicago Bulls schedule 2020-21
Cleveland Cavs schedule 2020-21
Dallas Mavericks schedule 2020-21
Denver Nuggets schedule 2020-21
Detroit Pistons schedule 2020-21
Golden State Warriors schedule 2020-21
Houston Rockets schedule 2020-21
Indiana Pacers schedule 2020-21
Los Angeles Clippers schedule 2020-21
Los Angeles Lakers schedule 2020-21
Memphis Grizzlies schedule 2020-21
Miami Heat schedule 2020-21
Milwaukee Bucks schedule 2020-21
Minnesota Timberwolves schedule 2020-21
New Orleans Pelicans schedule 2020-21
New York Knicks schedule 2020-21
Oklahoma City Thunder schedule 2020-21
Orlando Magic schedule 2020-21
Philadelphia 76ers schedule 2020-21
Phoenix Suns schedule 2020-21
Portland Trail Blazers schedule 2020-21
Sacramento Kings schedule 2020-21
San Antonio Spurs schedule 2020-21
Toronto Raptors schedule 2020-21
Utah Jazz schedule 2020-21
Washington Wizards schedule 2020-21

We put a lot of work into these, so we hope you can count on you making us your unofficial source for NBA team schedules for the 2020-21 season and beyond. With our printable NBA team’s schedule, you can view the day and date, home and away teams, game time and national tv networks (when applicable) — each customized for your favorite NBA team.

NBA Team Schedules Gallery

Look what we did. We listed out each team schedule and layered the franchise logo on top. Ain’t it pretty? Click on any of the following logos to go to that team’s game schedule. Don’t be afraid.

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