A Subjective Ranking: The 37 Best Looking, Hottest NBA Players of All-Time

Sometimes being famous isn’t just the talent. Not to say that BTS, Timothee Chalamet, Michael B. Jordan, and Zayn Malik aren’t talented entertainers, but you don’t get the girls (and some guys) screaming, fainting, and a shirtless image of them on their screensaver because they’re overwhelmed by Lil Baby’s aptitude in music composition or Justin Bieber’s skilled craftmanship.

The NBA’s popularity has exploded and it has become evident as more and more bettors engage in sports betting in the Philippines and other regions worldwide. For the most part, we follow the NBA because of the amazing talent, skill, and athleticism displayed on a daily basis, but it always helps when the said player is also nice to look at. Past all the hard work that NBA players have put in to be one of the best basketball players in the world; attraction helps to keep our attention focused in on them. 

The 37 Hottest NBA Players

The NBA is known for its athleticism and skill, also boasts players who catch the eye for their looks and style. When it comes down to attraction, beauty is in the eye of the beholder (and their personal experiences). That adage is true, but for the sake of this exercise, let’s look at the most-traditionally good looking players the NBA has ever seen. By “traditionally good-looking,” we mean which NBA does the general population consider the “cutest,” the “hottest,” and most “handsome.” For this, we looked at several listicles of the best looking players in the league.

So this is more a qualitative look at the good looking NBA players than it is quantitative. The only qualification the player must meet is they must have been/be at least a role player. Here’s a rundown of 27 of the most most handsome NBA players of all time, a list compiled from fan votes, web rankings, comments and reddit of course — sorted alphabetically by last name.

Giannis AntetokounmpoGiannis is a globally famous American professional basketball player with Nigerian and Greek origins. Known as his “Greek Freak” due to his skills, Giannis makes the list of the best-looking players in the NBA. He has his giant 6-foot-11-inches to complement his handsomeness.  Nicknamed the “Greek Freak,” his towering 6-foot-11-inch stature complements his striking appearance.

Devin Booker – The all-star, baby-faced shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns looks charming, but he don’t mess around on the court often seen trash talking opponents. The Michigan-born superstar is one of those rare good looking players that balances being both cute and sexy.  

Christian Braun Both an NCAA champion and NBA champion, Christian Braun hasn’t just had a few good years, the young Denver Nugget shooting guard is also blessed with a baby-face and good looks.

Jaylen Brown The upcoming NBA superstar puts seamlessly combines intelligence, maturity, confidence, style and good looks.

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Jimmy Butler – Jimmy Butler has made a name in the NBA playing for the famous Miami Heat team. The baller is a six-time NBA All-Star honoree who won the Olympics with the US basketball team in 2016. In addition to his prowess on the court, many fans consider Jimmy one of the most good-looking players in the NBA.

John Collins At six foot nine, this high-jumping journeyman has suave looks and natural charisma.

Wayne Ellington Lowkey, former UNC Tarheel Ellington is known for his great smile, traditional handsome looks and dapper fashion choices.

Danilo Gallinari The Italian veteran forward, Gallo has reportedly the first NBA player that was pursued Kim Kardashian. When he allegedly rejected her, she moved on to Kris Humphries.

Josh Giddey No matter what you think of the Giddey allegations, there’s no doubt the Aussie guard and curly brunette has it all to be listed: the height, build, model looks, and fashion sense.  And 60% of Reddit users think so, too.

Jalen Green The Houston Rockets’ shooting guard looks come from his background where his parents are African American and Filipino.

Blake Griffin – Even though all reports say that Griffin is a jerk, the former NBA All-Star is renowned for his unique combination of red hair, macho physique and captivating looks. During his heyday, Griffin was featured in GQ, Men’s Health, and Sports Illustrated’s annual body issue. It’s no wonder the former Oklahoma Sooner is often near the top of the list as far good looking NBA players.

Gordon Hayward – It’s hard to believe Hayward went from looking like a skinny awkward looking kid to the muscled NBA all-star for the Utah Jazz, Boston Celtics and Charlotte Hornets. All this in the matter of a few years.  Standing at 6-foot-7 inches, Gordon Hayward has been a particular player since college. Currently, he fields the court as a small forward or power forward for the Charlotte Hornets. The 33-year-old is a favorite for many NBA fans, not only for his ability but also for his “All-American” good looks. 

Tyler Herro Boyish and swaggy, Herro isn’t just one of the league’s promising stars, but his style, looks and confidence belies his seemingly innocent looks.

Al Horford If there’s a top five most-talked about NBA players in terms of good looks, handsomeness, and general sexiness; Al Horford is on that list. I’ve had numerous friends speak to this Dominican man’s beauty. It also helps that he’s a multiple time all-star and has dapper style.

Kris Humphries The NBA journeyman’s best year wasn’t because he averaged career highs of 13.8 points and 11 rebounds per game for the 2010-11 New Jersey Nets (remember them?), but it was his lavish wedding to Kim Kardashian. An infamous marriage that lasted all of 72 days. Whatever his history, Humphries is considered one of the NBA’s most-handsome men during his playing days.


Serge Ibaka – A power forward for several teams Serge Ibaka hasn’t just carved out a reputation as a defensive anchor with three NBA All-Defensive First Team honors, but as one of the most attractive NBA players. The Spanish-Congolese player is known to be one of the best centers and power forwards to come out of Europe and he’s also got an amazing body. 

Andre Iguodala – The recently-retired Iguodala is a four-time NBA champion and renowned for his on-court IQ. Off the court, his IQ has translated into strong business moves. On top of all that, Iggy carries an air of matured elegance and polished, colorful sense of style.

LeBron JamesThis NBA superstar needs no introduction. To many fans, King James is one of the greatest in the history of the basketball game. He’s often compared to Michael Jordan in debates on the court, but off the court LeBron is noted for his success, handsome looks, and confidence. 

Kyle Kuzma – No matter what you think about Kyle Kuzma on the court, he is undeniably blessed with good looks. He’s one of those with soft, good looks, but also seen as sexy with his tattooed body and fashion sense.

Zach LaVine By some advanced stats, LaVine isn’t the best player to have on your team if you want to win, but on the other hand Zach LaVine is very, very easy on the eyes.  The Chicago Bulls shooting guard isn’t just a two-time Slam Dunk Contest champion, he’s got beautiful green eyes, off-court swagger and resting smoldering face all of which makes the former UCLA Bruin a heartthrob.

Damian Lillard Along with Booker, LaVine, Ellington and Griffin (spoiler) the NBA superstar and former Portland Trailblazer guard was just named one of the ten most-attractive NBA players in the league in a listicle created by ESPN Southwest Florida.

Kevin Love – The power forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers stands out with his athletic build and charming features. Here’s another Miami Heat basketballer who makes the list of the best-looking NBA players. Kevin has a towering 6-foot-8-inch height, which complements his position as a center. He also sometimes plays as a power forward.  

Cedi Osman – Hailing from Turkey, the small forward that played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs has dark features, chiseled cheeks and curly hair.

Kelly Oubre Jr. This is always near the top of the hottest NBA players lists with his tattoos, green eyes, curly hair, sharp fashion sense, and signature dreads. Oubre Jr. was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is 6 feet 7 inches tall. The forward made the NBA draft in 2015 and joined the Washington Wizards.

Chris PaulCP3, as he’s popularly known, started his professional career in 2005. For over 18 years, the point guard has thrilled fans of the NBA. The star has played for many top teams, including the Los Angeles Clippers, the Phoenix Suns, and the Golden State Warriors. He’s 38 in 2023 but still one of the cutest NBA players. 

Jordan Poole – A rising star among in the league, Poole has great skin and handsome looks. Always on the look out for the baddies.

JJ Redick – The shooting guard for the Los Angeles Clippers, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, and Dallas Mavericks has been a visual treat since his Duke days and still looking good in his post-NBA career as a podcast host of Old Man and the Three, as well as suited as an ESPN announcer.

Terry Rozier – The Charlotte Hornets’ shooting guard combines cool tattoos with impressive basketball skills.

Ricky Rubio – The former Minnesota Timberwolf from Spain has been on basketball heads radar for years. Rubio is known for his dark features, playmaking and long hair in his later years.

Iman Shumpert – Known for his style and winning stint on ‘Dancing With the Stars.

Ben Simmons – One of the cutest NBA players, the much-maligned Simmons wasn’t just a talented player and former #1 pick, but the Aussie is one the NBA’s best-looking players in the history of the league. He’s also one of the many players that have been connected with the Jenner-Kardashian family. His first stint in the professional league was in 2016, when the Philadelphia 76ers picked him. Currently, he wears the number 10 jersey for the Brooklyn Nets.

Wally Szczerbiak When he played, Wally Szczerbiak not only had a choirboy name but choirboy looks.  Now an analyst for the New York Knicks, the 40-year-old brings a chiseled handsomeness from his playing days. Unofficially, Szczerbiak’s name was always high up on my friend’s list of hottest NBA players.

Jayson Tatum – Known as one of the most attractive players in the NBA, Tatum’s skill and looks make him a fan favorite. Jayson Tatum caught public attention when he became a McDonald’s All-American in high school. He played college basketball for two years and joined the professional league in 2017. The small forward is regarded as one of the more attractive players in the NBA. 

Klay Thompson A consistent visual highlight throughout his career with the Golden State Warriors.

Jonas Valanciunas – The Memphis Grizzlies center is one of the league’s strongest players and that force and silent strength is attractive to so many. It helps that Valanciunas looks like a tough guy…  a Eastern European tough guy with striking blue eyes.

Dwyane Wade One of the greatest shooting guards in the history of the game (some say right behind Jordan and Kobe Bryant), Wade remains a fan favorite for his business acumen, suave looks, and sleek fashionable style. Hey, GQ just doesn’t highlight everyone.

Justin Winslow  Justice wasn’t just outstanding defender but also known to bring the fashion; some consider Winslow one of the NBA’s style icon.













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