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Paul George Los Angeles Clippers #13 jersey officially available from the NBA

Paul George Los Angeles Clippers Jersey (image from Clutch points)

For as crazy as the 2019 NBA free agency shook up the league, most all of the biggest moves have been speculated on over the last several months of the regular season. The biggest move that no one predicted and sent the biggest shockwave was Paul George being in a L.A. Clippers jersey come the start of the 2020 NBA season.

That’s because George was under contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder and in order for him to change teams during the NBA off season was via a trade. No one expected PG13, one of the league’s 2019 MVP candidates , would be on the move. That’s until we learned that Kawhi Leonard and his team were talking with other teams and players; trying to find a team where he could partner with another NBA superstar that had the cap space.

That team turned out to be the Los Angeles Clippers and they paid dearly to get George out of OKC and into a Clippers jersey.

Paul George Clippers Jerseys

In short, two things are clear based on what they gave up for George. The Los Angeles Clippers are serious about winning an NBA championship in the next couple years. The great news is George will be playing where he’s always wanted to be playing – in Los Angeles and he’s in his prime so all-NBA player will be a popular jersey this coming season (and beyond).

Paul George’s Clippers jerseys is now officially available from the NBA Store, here’s a couple images of the unis in the traditional Los Angles Clippers blue.

Paul George L.A. Clippers Jersey | Available at the

Paul George Clippers jersey

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Paul George Los Angeles Jersey | View it at

Paul George wore #13 with both his previous NBA teams the Indiana Pacers and OKC Thunder, and he’ll be wearing #13 with the Clippers too. Prior to George coming to the Clippers, NBA journeyman Marcin Gortat  wore the #13 jersey number for the L.A. Clippers last season.

PG Go West (Eventually)

During any discussion of Paul George and his next NBA destination —  California, specifically Southern California has always been one of the determining factors as to where George would end up. So it came as a minor surprise when he chose to spurn the Lakers for the sunny coasts and sandy beaches of Oklahoma City.

All jokes aside and needless to say, the on-court also was a factor in George’s decision to stick in Oklahoma City. However when the opportunity arose for him to be in a better situation on the court, teaming up with a player very similar to George and doing so near where the 29 year old grew up (Palmdale, CA) and attended university (California State University, Fresno), it was too much to pass up on. Southern California came calling again and George answered this time.

Though George and Leonard both play the same primary position, we think the two will work seamlessly together. Now the fun question is which player will stand out for the team and be the top-selling Clippers jerseys this next season – George or Leonard?

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