NBA “City Edition” Jerseys by Nike

The NBA’s Exciting “City Edition” Jerseys

Thanks to the NBA, basketball is growing in popularity around the world — not just as a sport, but the NBA’s impact on culture may just be as large. The evidence is seen in how the league’s fans, as well as players, love the NBA’s jerseys and uniforms.

Nike recognized this opportunity as the National Basketball Association’s official outfitter so they added multiple alternate designs in their first year. The apparel provider began with the Association and Icon uniform editions . Later, it moved to the Statement designs. Last but definitely not least, Nike came up with their team-specific designs called City Edition jerseys that celebrated each particular city’s elements.

History Behind the NBA’s City Edition Jerseys

These are jerseys that Nike recently made with the aim of reflecting the character and culture that surround the team that wears it. The company hopes to excite fans once again through the new NBA City jerseys by highlighting the features of their teams and the cities they are proud of.

NBA fans are very important. They go to their local arena 41 times each year to cheer their teams. Their passion for the game defines every team’s identity. Therefore, Nike has closely considered this and designed something to honor them: the City Edition jerseys. The design also honors heroes of respective teams.

This type of Edition uniforms attempts to describe emotions and insights from the courts, the upper decks, and streets of different cities. This is in the pursuit of capturing each team and its city’s characteristic features in a unique way. The uniforms respect both the past and present of clubs and position them for the future.

Why NBA City Edition Jerseys?

The first year that Nike became NBA’s official apparel provider did not go well. The company touted its jerseys as fitting and great sweat absorbers that were better than all the previous uniform designs. However, they noticeably ripped during games. Worse still, Nike didn’t supply fans with holiday uniforms for that year’s Christmas.

Nike began with NBA’s home and away uniforms which it labeled as the Association and Icon Editions. Then the company designed Statement uniforms with the machismo and swag that rivalry matchups and big games require. Towards the end of 2017, Nike revealed the NBA City Edition uniforms.

Any time a company releases 30 versions of anything, there will be hits (Miami Heat) and misses (Dallas Mavericks). Personally, we loved the vast majority of the NBA’s new City uniforms. Look for Nike and the NBA to continually update and refresh these until they get it right for each team.

Where to Buy NBA City Edition Jerseys on Sale

Like all NBA jerseys, not every place that sells NBA City Edition jerseys is authentic. Especially, when shopping online, fans should only look for shops that have a good reputation and excellent customer service. They should also be keen on reading customer reviews to differentiate between fake and original jerseys.

The best place to buy NBA uniforms is the official NBA Store sites such as and Some other sites include eBay, Fanatics, and FansEdge. Most of these stores offer free shipping which could save fans some money.

Check out the newest City Edition Nike jerseys for the 2018-19 season


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