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Kawhi Leonard Clippers jersey now available in the NBA Store

The wait is over, Kawhi Leonard will be in a Los Angeles Clippers jersey this upcoming season.

After the rush of the initial 24 hours of NBA Free Agency, the only big name free agent left on the board was well, The Board Man himself. Whether Leonard waited purposely or was also reeling from all the activity of June 30th, Kawhi Leonard didn’t decide on his destination for the 2019-20 NBA season until all the dust settled.

And when everything seemingly settled down, Leonard busted through the door and kicked up the dust again; signing with the Los Angeles Clippers and convincing fellow defensive-minded superstar Paul George to join him in Southern California.

Kawhi Leonard L.A. Clippers Jersey

The NBA officially dropped the new Kawhi Leonard Los Angeles Clipper jerseys. They’re now officially available for pre-order from the NBA Store. View them here or scroll down to see what they will look like below.

Kawhi Leonard Clippers Jersey | Buy at the NBA Store

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Keep in mind that this is a special item. If you see a players number as “00” – simply refresh the page. You can expect that this Kawhi Clippers jersey will ship out 2-4 weeks only after he’s officially signed to the team the player has an official jersey number that’s been confirmed by the NBA.

Here’s a mock up in the City Edition uniform in Black (not yet available).

We’re not sure what jersey Kawhi will be wearing in Los Angeles, but he wore #2 with both his previous teams the San Antonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors, so it’s safe to assume he’ll wear #2 with the Clippers too. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander wore the #2 jersey number for the Clippers, but he was shipped off in the Paul George trade, so Kawhi can grab up his jersey number.

Kawhi Going Back to Cali

Kawhi’s move not only sent shockwaves because of the massive and historic haul of draft picks that the Clippers had to give up to obtain Paul George, but was further complicated by the fact that Leonard was coming off an NBA Championship season with the Toronto Raptors, his one and only season in Canada.

If Leonard had stayed, and Toronto would have done as much as they could to have kept him, the Raptors would have been the favorites to win the East, but now that’s he’s moved West — where Leonard is from — this automatically takes Toronto out of real contention to repeat and makes the Clippers a more-than-formidable nemesis to the re-stocked Lakers. Canadians are way too nice to start burning his Toronto Raptors jersey, right?

No matter what happens next season, as long as Kawhi can remain healthy, we can see Kawhi Clippers jerseys flying off the shelves. Not since Blake Griffin and Chris Paul teams up for Lob City have the Clippers had this much star power.

Dare we say that the Leonard-George tandem along with walking bucket Lou Williams and the ever-improving Montrezl Harrell, this Clipper team is primed to be the best Los Angeles Clippers team in the history of the franchise. Check out all of Kawhi Leonard’s jersey from all three NBA franchises he’s played for here.

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