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The 40 Tallest WNBA Players of All-Time (Ranked By Height)

It’s hard to believe that the WNBA has only been around since 1997. In their short history, the league has really solidified professional women’s basketball in the United States and has organically established it’s own identity apart from their male counterparts in the NBA.

In that time, the league has seen several legendary players come through the league including arguably the league’s best center of all time Sylvia Fowles, who is just retired. She is a two-time WNBA champion, has been named Defensive Player of the Year four times, led the league in overall field goal percent nine times include the last five seasons, and is fourth all-time in blocks.

All this and Fowles has dominated the paint standing at “only” 6-6 with basketball shoes on. That got us wondering about the tallest WNBA players the league has ever seen. So as we love to do; we researched available information and put together a list for anyone else that’s curious.

The 25 Tallest WNBA Players of All-Time?

To level-set, the average height of a woman is approximately 3-5 inches shorter than the average height of a man in the same country and that is true worldwide according to World Data. So it comes as no surprise to us that WNBA players are shorter on average than NBA players (by approximately 7 inches). And even fewer WNBA players reach the seven foot threshold. That all holds true for our list of the tallest WNBA players in the history of the league.

Tallest WNBA Players of All-Time
# Player Feet Meters From
1 Margo Dydek 7-2 218 cm Poland
2 Bernadett Hatar 6-10 208 cm Hungary
2 Han Xu 6-10 208 cm China
4 Brittney Griner 6-9 206 cm USA
5 Haixia Zheng 6-8 203 cm China
5 Maria Stepanova 6-8 203 cm Russia
5 Liz Cambage 6-8 203 cm Australia
5 Katie Mattera 6-8 203 cm USA
5 Lindsay Taylor 6-8 203 cm USA
5 Olga Firsova 6-8 203 cm Ukraine
5 Razija Brcaninovic 6-8 203 cm Bosnia
12 Kalani Brown 6-7 200 cm USA
12 Kara Wolters 6-7 200 cm USA
12 Teaira McCowan 6-7 200 cm USA
12 Imani McGee-Stafford 6-7 200 cm USA
12 Jennifer Hamson 6-7 200 cm USA
12 Alison Bales 6-7 200 cm USA
12 Gillian Goring 6-7 200 cm USA
12 Zane Tamane 6-7 200 cm Latvia
12 Li Yueru 6-7 200 cm China

The WNBA’s Tallest Player Was Margo Dydek

Every player mentioned in this article has tall girl problems, but there’s one player that stands alone. The one seven-foot player that has ever played in an WNBA game is the late, great Margo Dydek.

The Polish center stood 7-2, was drafted with the #1 overall pick in the 1998 WNBA draft, and makes our list as one of 50 greatest WNBA players of all-time. And Dydek is four inches taller than the the next tallest players — the 6-10 Bernadett Hatar and 6-10 Han Xu. So the eleven seasons that Dydek played in the WNBA, she was the tallest player. Here’s a breakdown of the tallest players for every WNBA season:

Tallest WNBA Players By Season
Season(s) Player Height
1997 Haixia Zheng 6-8
1998-2008 Margo Dydek 7-2
2009 Katie Mattera 6-8
2010 Allison Bales 6-7
2011 Liz Cambage 6-8
2012 Zane Tamane 6-7
2013-2020 Brittney Griner 6-9
2021-2022 Han Xu 6-10

The fourth tallest player in the history of the WNBA is the most well-known and that’s Brittney Griner. One of the WNBA’s 25 greatest players of all-time, the 6-9 Griner was the tallest player in the WNBA for eight consecutive season (2013-2020) and has made dunking in the WNBA a somewhat-regular occurrence.

When talking about dunking, height is important, but isn’t the only factor. The size of one’s hands, their vertical leap, their wingspan, and being in the right place, right time to take a pass also influences how often a player dunks.

Right below the 6-9 Griner are several players that clock in at 6-8 including Australian baller Liz Cambage, Russian hooper Maria Stepanova and the tallest player in the first year of the WNBA Chinese center Haixia Zheng. As for where the 6-6 Fowles stands among her peers?

Though measuring 6-6 is still tall for the WNBA (and relatively rare), Fowles is not considered one of the tallest and doesn’t even crack the top 20. As expected, as heights get “shorter” there are more and more players at that height. She joins approximately twenty other players that are reach 6-foot-6 in height (198cm).

WNBA Players That Are 6'6
Player Height Origin
Angel Robinson 6-6 USA
Azura Stevens 6-6 USA
Carolyn Swords 6-6 USA
Chantelle Anderson 6-6 USA
Chen Nan 6-6 China
Jonquel Jones 6-6 Bahamas
Kara Braxton 6-6 USA
Kelley Cain 6-6 USA
Lauren Jackson 6-6 USA
Maimouna Diarra 6-6 Senegal
Mercedes Russell 6-6 USA
Michele Van Gorp 6-6 USA
Oksana Zakaluzhnaya 6-6 Russia
Rankica Sarenac 6-6 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ruth Hamblin 6-6 USA
Summer Erb 6-6 USA
Sylvia Fowles 6-6 USA
Ta'Shia Phillips 6-6 USA
Waltiea Rolle 6-6 Bahamas

Source: WNBA

At this height, there are exactly 19 players that measure 6-6 and that’s the exact number of players above that are taller than 6-6 (19) in the history of the entire league. All in all, there have been 38 players that have been 6-6 or taller since the first WNBA game tipped off. Several WNBA greats including Fowles and Lauren Jackson as well as 2021 WNBA MVP Jonquel Jones are 6-6. And right below those three are future Hall Of Famers and WNBA legends 6-5 Lisa Leslie, Elena Baranova and Elena Delle Donne. Candace Parker and Breanna Stewart are both 6-4 and a part of the WNBA 25.

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