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How Much Do NBA Cheerleaders Make? A Look Into Their Salary and Compensation

Delve into the fascinating realm of NBA cheerleaders and uncover the truth about their salaries and compensation. Discover the financial aspects of their profession and gain insights into the challenges they face.

How Much Do NBA Cheerleaders Make? With their captivating performances and infectious energy, NBA cheerleaders add excitement to basketball games. However, behind the scenes, the financial aspects of their profession often go unnoticed. This article sheds light on the salaries and compensation of NBA cheerleaders, revealing the realities and challenges they face in their line of work.

It is important to note that the salaries of NBA cheerleaders vary significantly from team to team and are largely determined by individual franchises. Unlike the multimillion-dollar contracts of NBA players, the compensation for cheerleaders is considerably lower. In fact, many NBA cheerleaders are not full-time employees but rather part-time or contract workers.

The average salary for NBA cheerleaders by 2023 typically ranges from $200 to $600 per game compared to the salary of a NBA referee– that’s very little. This amount may also include additional compensation for appearances at promotional events, community outreach programs, and other team-related activities. However, it is crucial to understand that the number of games and events a cheerleader participates in can greatly impact their overall earnings.

Below is a summary of the salaries received by each NBA team’s cheerleaders. The summary lists the annual salary, the bonus amount, and the salary for each game.

NBA Team Salary For Every Game Bonuses Annual Salary
New York Knicks Cheerleaders $650 $2000 $35000
Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleaders $600 $1500 $30000
Boston Celtics Cheerleaders $600 $1500 $30000
Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders $650 $2000 $35000
Cleveland Cavaliers Cheerleaders $400 $1000 $28000
Toronto Raptors Cheerleaders $500 $1000 $28000
Washington Wizards Cheerleaders $400 1500 $28000
Milwaukee Bucks Cheerleaders $350 $1000 $22000
Miami Heat Cheerleaders $500 $1500 $28000
Indiana Pacers Cheerleaders $400 $1000 $28000
Los Angeles Clippers Cheerleader $350 $950 $22000
Minnesota Timberwolves Cheerleaders $200 $700 $15000
Chicago Bulls Cheerleaders $200 $700 $15000
Golden State Warriors Cheerleaders $550 $1000 $30000
Memphis Grizzlies Cheerleaders $350 $800 $22000
Oklahoma City Thunder Cheerleaders $250 $800 $18000
Orlando Magic Cheerleaders $200 $700 $15000
Philadelphia 76ers Cheerleaders $200 $700 $15000
Phoenix Suns Cheerleaders $200 $700 $15000

The top NBA markets employ the dancers who earn the greatest money, as one might wager at online betting New Zealand. The New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks pay their dancers the highest ($650 per night), followed by other teams. The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, who each pay $600, are just behind them.

The Minnesota Timberwolves, Chicago Bulls, OKC Thunder, and Orlando Magic can be found at the bottom of the league. Everybody pays their dancers between $200 and $250 per game. It’s hardly unexpected that they are on the low end given that this category includes some of the smallest cities in the NBA at the moment.

Teams who pay more per game tend to also award the largest bonuses. Knicks dancers earn about $35,000 annually.

Furthermore, the financial struggles of NBA cheerleaders often extend beyond their base salaries. Many cheerleaders are responsible for covering their own expenses, such as uniforms, travel costs, and training fees. These expenses can significantly impact their overall income, leaving some cheerleaders with limited financial resources despite their dedication and hard work.

Beyond the financial aspects, NBA cheerleaders face additional challenges in their profession. The demanding nature of their work requires long hours of rehearsals, appearances at community events, and maintaining a high level of physical fitness. They often juggle multiple responsibilities while balancing other jobs or educational pursuits. The dedication and commitment displayed by NBA cheerleaders highlight their passion for the craft, despite the financial hurdles they may encounter.

Salaries and compensation of NBA cheerleaders remain a topic of discussion and scrutiny. While some progress has been made in addressing the issue like Laura Herington, a former Milwaukee Bucks cheerleader who filed a lawsuit against the team for being underpaid

There is still work to be done to ensure fair and equitable compensation for these talented individuals. The financial realities faced by NBA cheerleaders shed light on the challenges they navigate behind the scenes, emphasizing the need for continued dialogue and efforts to improve their working conditions. 

As fans enjoy the thrilling performances of NBA cheerleaders, it is crucial to recognize and appreciate the dedication and passion that goes into their craft.

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