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Printable Final Four bracket for March Madness, NCAA tournament 2021

With the last four teams in this extremely-trimmed down bracket, we’re not sure how many late-to-the-game fans there are looking still looking to print out brackets at this stage of the NCAA tournament.

We do know there are those obsessive-compulsive college basketball fans that don’t just want, but require a clean bracket without the distractions of nearly 50 completed games messing things up. If you’re one of those fans, or are now inspired to start anew, we have your Final Four bracket.

What is the Final Four?

With several rounds before the Final Four, the stakes, stress and competition is exponentially higher when it gets to the Round of Four.

Also known as the NCAA Final Four, it doesn’t refer to the number of games remaining in the bracket, but the Final Four refers to the remaining four teams that are left over in the bracket. At this point, the Final Four bracket features four teams at the start, and two teams will remain after those games are played.

Final Four Schedule: 2021 Tournament

Final Four Schedule for 2019 March Madness
Round   Teams Where Date Time
Final Four TBD Indiana April 3 6:09 PM EST
Final Four TBD Indiana April 3 8:49 PM EST
Championship TBD Indiana April 5 9:20 PM EST

In terms of locations, The Final Four location is the final destination that the college teams will have to fly to. This year, the Final Four is being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  After games across the country, the last eight teams converge for at least one more game, maybe two and if they advance, they all hope they win both.

The two teams that win their games advance to the NCAA Championship game The two teams that survive the Final Four will have the next day off after their semi-finals game before the finals will be played on Monday, April 8th 2019.

Two more wins at this juncture means they’ll be the 2019 March Madness championships.

2021 Final Four Brackets: Updated and Printable

If you made it this far down the post, we have your Final Four bracket needs and wants you’re looking for. Patience pays off. Get excited because we created this four team bracket in three different printable formats.

So whatever your preference, you have a choice of Final Four bracket in the PDF format, in high-resolution image, and last but not least (actually probably least), in Microsoft Word. With the Word format, you can edit the document and type in the remaining four teams.

Click here to download the most-updated tournament bracket and field.

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