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Who is Moriah Mills and What Did She Say About Zion Williamson?

In a moderate six month scandal in the second half of 2023, Zion Williamson found himself entangled in a web of controversy with none other than adult film performer Moriah Mills. Rumors swirled, fingers pointed, allegations thrown, and both Moriah and Zion bore the brunt of online slander. Mills was accused of trying to tarnish the rising star’s name. But oh, the drama kept coming from Mills’ social media.

As you may know, Williamson is a star player for the New Orleans Pelicans (check out the last updates on ESPN Bet Louisiana), a former #1 Draft Pick and former all-star, so he’s a big name in the NBA. So the speculation and scrutiny that was raised from Mills’ mouth was met with millions of views, clicks and comments. It didn’t help that Williamson has been struggling with injuries and questions about his weight, so the 6-7 former Dukie was already exposed.

Who is Moriah Mills?

Moriah Mills is known primarily as an adult film actress. She has gained significant attention on social media and in the entertainment industry for her work in adult films. Additionally, she has been involved in publicized events and controversies that have increased her visibility and popularity, especially on the internet and in the realm of adult entertainment.

What did Moriah Mills Say About Zion Williamson?

She’s said a lot. Adding fuel to the fire, Moriah Mills decided to pile up on Zion via social media about Zion’s secret relationship with her. For about six months, she spilled the tea on her time with Zion. In June, she alleged that she was pregnant and Williamson was the father.

The adult star continue taking aim at Zion; calling out his physique and his performance in the bedroom saying Zion was “boring” in the sack.

Mills then alleged that Zion was an abuser when the two were in a relationship, saying: “He’s literally a liar, you guys,” Mills said. “Everything he says, he’s a liar, he’s not who he says he is. I’ve literally been saving face, I did not want to come to the world and let you guys know what he has been doing to me my entire relationship with him. He is a woman beater and the NBA needs to know this.”

In June of 2023, she posted a video of her getting Zion’s name tattooed onto her face – whether it was real or not, it to be determined.

Of course you could bet at the betting service for winners that Moriah didn’t stop there. Mills is not only vengeful, but we’re sure she was loving the attention that she was getting by insulting and calling out Zion on social media (not to mention the clicks and dollars she was receiving from the views). She continued knocking Williamson; everything from his weight to his performance to his actual on-court play. The last one is laughable.

Adding a dramatic layer to all of this, this all came a month after Zion Williamson welcomed a newborn with his baby mama Ahkeema. It all makes sense. The timing of Moriah’s tweets , Tik Toks, stories, posts and videos weren’t a coincidence. Moriah lashed out because she wasn’t managing her jealousy and competitive fire during Zion and Ahkeema’s happy announcement; in fact, it most-certainly angered Mills.

All these issues facing the quiet and talented Zion has the media wondering whether he’s worth all the trouble. We’re sure it’s crossed the minds of the New Orleans Pelicans, too.

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