Fillable 17-team single-elimination bracket in PDF

17-team single-elimination bracket

Tournaments can be organized with as many teams as you want, and to help you out here’s the best 17-team single-elimination bracket. Why is this bracket so special? Well, since most tourneys have even numbers, finding brackets with 13, 15, and 17 teams is not that easy. Get past the hassle of digging around the whole internet looking for one and check out our amazing bracket below.

17-team single-elimination bracket

Imagine that you’re hosting a 16-team tournament in your neighborhood, and you already have your bracket and draw done. However, out of nowhere, one more team appears and wants to participate. What will you do? Of course, the first reaction you might have is freaking out. Don’t lose your cool because we have the perfect solution; the 17-team single-elimination bracket.

This bracket is certainly useful for cases like that where you’re trying to organize a tourney with an uneven number of teams. Even though the bracket has just one more team, it changes notably from the 16-team version. This bracket is what comes after the regular 16-team bracket, and it’s the starting point for brackets up to 32-teams.

Why use our bracket?

Even though our design is simple, it’s also highly functional. This bracket has tons of white space, so you can make annotations, write down the names of the teams, and it’s easy to keep it updated as the tourney advances. Moreover, even though you can find other websites with similar versions, we can ensure you that this is one among – very – few of them that doesn’t have a watermark. 

1 vs 1 basketball tournament bracket

This bracket is awesome to host 1v1 basketball tournaments.

Additionally, if you want to add names or other features you want, you can also download the customizable version in XLS for Microsoft Excel and directly modify the spreadsheet format. You can also edit it in Google Drive.

Download the 17-team single-elimination bracket completely for free

Here you will find three different links to download the bracket in different formats. First, the JPG version, which is great to handle in mobile devices.

17-team single-elimination bracket

Click on the image to download.

Next is the PDF version, which you can easily print out with just a few clicks after downloading. And finally, the XLS version, which is helpful to make customized brackets with unique features.

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