Every Zion Williamson dunk and all his NBA highlights from the 2019-20 season

When Zion Williamson dunks, he dunks for real. Sorry if this sounds a bit corny, but Williamson really puts the slam in slam dunk. There’s no mistaking his graceful tomahawk dunks which are packed with power, beauty and passion. 

The heralded rookie was selected #1 overall in the 2019 NBA draft made his NBA preseason debutand quickly announced his arrival with three of his signature dunks. These three dunks came shortly after Zion mania was reignited by a video of crazy alley oop during a New Orleans Pelican practice.

Zion’s preseason performance quelled any early concern about his weight, lingering injuries and playing shape as he launched into the air for three amazing dunks in the first half. If there’s one reason to watch the NBA this season, it’s going to be Zion Williamson.

Every Single Zion Williamson Dunk

The news of Zion’s dunking prowess is not new to anyone paying attention to basketball over the last couple years. Just last year when he was with the Duke’s Blue Devils, Williamson had 61 dunks in his one and only season in college. Now that Williamson is wearing an NBA jersey, we’re attempting to record every Zion Williamson dunk during his rookie season.  

Three dunks on October 7, 2019 vs. Atlanta Hawks (Preseason)

In the first quarter, Zion penetrated the defense after a short pass from Jrue Holiday, delivering a beautiful dunk with his right hand over Damian Jones. However, the dunks didn’t end there. In the same first quarter, he delivered a two-handed thunderous slam that shook the Hawk’s defense. Finally, he ended his dunk night with a left-handed during the second quarter. 

Zion finished the night with 16 points on 6-13 shooting in his NBA preseason debut.  You can check all of these elegant yet disastrous dunks here.

Two dunks on October 9th vs. Chicago Bulls (Preseason)

Started out with an alley oop from Lonzo Ball

Then a “lite” 360 a little later on in the first half.

One dunk on October 11th vs. Utah Jazz(Preseason) was an amazing put back dunk off his own missed shot (and over Rudy Gobert!)

This space reserved for Zion Williamson dunks. Watch this space.

The Zion Highlights Haven’t Even Started, For Real.

Zion revealed in an interview that he’s going to be attacking strongly on the court. He said “this isn’t high school or college anymore” to reaffirm his need to be more aggressive. So if you were one of those haters that was thinking that Zion would struggle in the NBA and we wouldn’t be seeing him dunk all over the league, that was clearly a bad prediction. 

For the sake of rims in every NBA city, we hope other teams are heeding Zion’s mindset to destroy metal hoops in every NBA city.

With a shoed-height of 6’7″, and his weight of 285 lbs, this kid is definitely a titan. Due to these measures, you’d expect him to be at least a little bit on the slow side. And you couldn’t be more wrong. Thanks to his explosive speed, strength, and amazing coordination, he manages to make these majestic dunks. However, his professional career started two days ago.

We hope to see more about Zion Williamson, and thanks to his amazing skill and fierce mentality, we’re pretty sure we will.





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