The printable 2019 NCAA Women’s Soccer bracket (Division I)

2019 Division I Women’s Soccer Official Bracket

Finally, the 2019 Division I  NCAA Women’s Soccer bracket is official with 64 teams laid out for the field of the 38th NCAA Soccer Championship. Due to the number of teams, this tournament will run weeks with each round being whittled down until there’s one champion. Learn more about the college competition and print out the NCAA women’s bracket here.

2019 NCAA Women’s Soccer Blank Bracket

The women’s college soccer tournament will be held using a simple single-elimination system with 64 teams, and the bracket resembles the one you can download from our bracket’s section. Below is a blank, fillable 64 team bracket you can utilize for this year’s tournament.

64 team single elimination bracket printable

From checking the guidelines the NCAA Committee used to put the tournament matches together, a 64 team bracket works quite well. You see, each team pairing that occurs, at least in the first three rounds of the tournament, was handpicked to minimize the number of flights taken. This means that teams that are closer will be the first ones to confront.

Segmented seeding in the 2019’s Women’s Soccer Bracket

The teams were selected from 31 conferences that auto-qualified into the tournament, and the other 33 teams were selected randomly. The best 16 teams were granted an advanced bid into the tournament through seeding. The 31 conferences will not compete against each other until the tournament has advanced into the third round, so that’s when the action really starts to bump up.

Seeding was also done utilizing 4 segments / regions where the seeds are divided into quadrants of the tournament:

  • The No. 1 seeds include Stanford (Pac-12), North Carolina (ACC), South Florida State (AAC), and Virginia (ACC).
  • The No. 2 seeds include UCLA (Pac-12), South Carolina (SEC), BYU (West Coast), and USC (Pac-12).
  • The No. 3 seeds include Arkansas (Sun Belt), Kansas (Big-12), Oklahoma State (Big-12) and Wisconsin (Big Ten).
  • The No. 4 seeds include Penn State (Big Ten), Rutgers (Big Ten), Texas Tech (Big 12) and Washington (Pac-12)

Note: ACC and Pac-12 have 9 teams each in the tourney. Big 12 also has 7 teams. You can check out the whole bracket here.

The NCAA Women’s Soccer Bracket 2019: A Thunder Tourney.

This tournament will start on Nov 15, hosting the first, second, and third stages until Nov 30. The semifinals will be held on Dec 6. The first match will be held at, and the second at 9:30 pm, Eastern Time. Both will be broadcasted by ESPNU. The last match will be held two days later, on Sunday, Dec 8, and it will also be broadcasted by ESPNU.

2019 Division I Women’s Soccer Official Bracket updated 2019

Click image to download: 2019 Division I Women’s Soccer Official Bracket updated 2019

Download the PDF version: 2019 Division I Women’s Soccer Official Bracket updated 2019

You can keep up with the tournament here.


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