FIBA World Cup Predictions: Who are the Tournament Favorites for 2019?

NBA fans hate the lull that descends upon us once the season of a sporting event of the NBA Finals ends. In the case of basketball, the NBA season is the ultimate competition that is not only enjoyed by those in the US, but also by fans across the globe. Typically, once the season ends, no matter how interesting the off season trades and signings may be, most bettors move on to other sports or sit back and debate over the games from the previous season.

The 2019 FIBA World Cup

However, this year is different. Just over two months away is the FIBA Basketball World Cup tournament. This year’s FIBA World Cup bracket will no doubt feature some of the best teams from different parts of the world.

Those teams will converse on China during the first half of September 2019. Consisting of three stages, a total of 32 countries will start the competition. As a result, the World Cup has an abundance of matches taking place every day, making it an exciting and lucrative prospect for punters who want to make some money from it.

With a focus on the NBA, most bookmakers have not yet released the odds for all the games that will take place in the World Cup. However, they do have advance odds for teams who are most likely to win the competition. Punters, new to the idea of sports betting, should first read a little on how to bet on basketball, understand the nuances of the different wagers, and then place an informed bet that will lead to significant earnings. Of course, it is equally important to learn more about the teams, as there are a few that stand out when it comes to the World Cup.

Who are the FIBA World Cup Favorites?

The United States Men’s National Team, having won the last two World Cup competitions, will be gunning for a hat trick this year. With James Harden and Anthony Davis leading the roster this tournament, they’ll again be one of the strongest teams, but they’re not invincible.

Currently listed at 1/3 odds they are a favorite with the bookmakers, even though the team doesn’t necessarily always comprise of the best players. Contracted with the NBA, often players are not allowed to take part in the World Cup out of fear that they might get injured while participating in the tournament. This sort of behavior is not exclusive to basketball but also seen in sports such as rugby. Thus, while the American team will undoubtedly be a strong contender, they might not be the best of the best, and how that will affect their chances of winning, is yet to be seen.

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Besides the United States, it is the European teams that typically dominate the World Cup. Yugoslavia, Spain, and Serbia have all won medals in the recent past. Spain and Serbia are both listed at 15/1 odds to win this year. Punters wanting to wager on one of the European teams should first check on all the bonuses that their online sports betting site is offering, so as to make the most of them and increase their profits. However, it is also vital to read up on the latest trends and check on the underdogs who could, in all probability, be the surprise package of the World Cup this year.

As Basketball Popularity Grows, So Do National Teams

With basketball as one of the most popular and fastest growing sports in the entire world, more and more countries are sending formidable teams in international competitions.

One such country is Canada. If the performance of the Toronto Raptors in the NBA season this year is anything to go by, then the Canadian team could very well be the one to create significant upsets. Bookmakers have them at 30/1 odds at present, but they do have Australia, in their group, who are strong opponents making waves of their own.

In fact, very much like Canada, bookmakers believe that Australia is also most likely to win their first ever medal in Basketball World Cup this time around.

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