Here’s the NCAA Tournament Schedule and Calendar for March Madness 2019

The NCAA men’s basketball postseason is almost here. Most basketball fans are already downloading and printing the 2019 NCAA Tournament brackets. The true fanatics are also printing the NCAA tournament schedule to help them follow the tourney action this March. We have included the calendar with the latest dates, times, and locations for the game action that will be kicking off with March Madness.

The final brackets will be released on March 17th, 2019 during the Selection Sunday Broadcast on CBS. We have included a blank March Madness bracket for you to use for your own bracketology until the final brackets and seedings are released. If you have any questions about our brackets in the mean-time, please let us know in the comments.


2019 NCAA Tournament Schedule

The 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is set to get started with the First Four. These games will be played on March 19th and March 20th in Dayton, Ohio yet again. Once these games are completed, the final field of 64 teams will get started with play on Thursday, March 21st. See the full NCAA basketball tournament schedule and calendar (and what networks will be broadcasting the games) below.

2019 NCAA Tournament Schedule & Calendar
Selection Sunday N/A March 17 CBS
First Four Dayton OH March 19-20 Tru TV
1st/2nd Rounds Hartford CT March 21/23 CBS Tru TV TNT TBS
1st/2nd Rounds Salt Lake City UT March 21/23 CBS Tru TV TNT TBS
1st/2nd Rounds Des Moines IA March 21/23 CBS Tru TV TNT TBS
1st/2nd Rounds Jacksonville FL March 21/23 CBS Tru TV TNT TBS
1st/2nd Rounds Tulsa OK March 22/24 CBS Tru TV TNT TBS
1st/2nd Rounds Columbus OH March 22/24 CBS Tru TV TNT TBS
1st/2nd Rounds Columbia SC March 22/24 CBS Tru TV TNT TBS
1st/2nd Rounds San Jose CA March 22/24 CBS Tru TV TNT TBS
South Regional Louisville KY March 28/30 CBS TBS
West Regional Anaheim CA March 28/30 CBS TBS
East Regional Washington D.C. March 29/31 CBS TBS
Midwest Regional Kansas City MO March 29/31 CBS
Final Four National Championship Minneapolis MN April 6/8 CBS

The 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Final Four is set to take place on April 6th followed by the championship game on April 8th. The above is the basic NCAA schedule for the tournament games this year. We created this for fans to reference as well as anyone looking to place some wagers on the website. If that’s your thing, feel free and good luck. As always we expect the sports books to be packed the moment March Madness starts.

If you’d like, you can print out the basic schedule above by clicking. here

Printable 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Schedule

Here’s the 2019 NCAA Men’s Tournament schedule broken down into a blank and printable bracket. At the top you can see a green bar with the dates of the 2019 tourney and when the rounds of March Madness occur as teams advance from the First Four to the Round of 64 to the Round of 32 and so on. If you’re looking for the actual printable schedule, just scroll past the image below.

If you are in the market for a printable NCAA tournament schedule for March Madness 2019, you can go here for 2019 schdedule. Otherwise, you can print out the above bracket in PDF and Excel formats. We’ll have the empty March Madness bracket available up until after Sunday March 17th and after that we’ll have the full, updated bracket for those of you that prefer that.

With our brackets, there’s never any strings attached. We will publish the official updated brackets once the final teams, match ups, and seedings are posted by the NCAA Selection committee.


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