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Printable 32 team double elimination bracket

32 team double elimination bracket

The 32 team double elimination bracket was used widely back in the time, but now it’s not that present anymore. Learn here why this system is not used as much it used to in official sports, and why you can use it as much as you want.

32 team double elimination bracket

Even though tournaments with 32 teams exist today, not many of them use the double elimination system. Why? Because there are more efficient ways of organizing a tournament for it to be quicker or much longer, depending directly on the needs of the organizer. Some of those systems are round-robin (to make it longer, usually lasting whole seasons and leagues), or others, like the single elimination system (if you lose a game, you go straight to the trash bucket).

32 team double elimination bracket 2
Loser’s bracket, a.k.a; the second shot.

Tournaments with 32 teams

As you would expect, the use of this bracket is not widely used by official federations or leagues.

However, the 32 team double elimination bracket has been used in the past by one of the largest sports events in the world; FIFA’s World Cup. Currently, the system has adopted a 32 team single elimination system, which is used to determine who’s the ultimate winner of the Cup. Still, more than 200 teams participate in the classification phase, turning the organization of this event quite a task.


This type of tournament system is still one of the favorites among amateur sports, games, or leagues, including the expanding market of competitive gaming.

Download the best 32 team brackets here

If you want to organize a tournament with 32 teams, but you’re still struggling on how to do it, you must consider this system. It’s efficient, it’s fair, and after all, it’s not that hard to organize depending on the reach of your tournament. How to get started? Download our 32 team D.E. brackets here. Using these three different formats, organizing a tourney is a piece of cake:

32 team double elimination bracket xlxs


The XLXS version, so you can edit the names into it as the tournament advances. Another version is PDF (easy to print).

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