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Printable 24 team double elimination bracket

24 team double elimination bracket

The 24 team double elimination bracket is one of the largest variations of brackets using this system.

24 team double elimination bracket

If you are trying to organize a great tournament, that keeps the audience excited about each match, and that has plenty of matches for them to watch, this is what you are looking for. The 24 team D.E. bracket for tournaments meets all of these requirements while giving you improved organization.

This system offers up to 47 matches, that’s why it’s mostly recommended for events with short match duration. For example, they are often used in e-sports contests, mostly with fighting games, with matches that last 2 minutes or more. That would allow the tournament to be carried out in less than 2 hours. 

On the other hand, this can allow those 47 matches to be distributed in one and a half months, which would be perfect for a whole season of full-length games

Variations of the 24 team double elimination bracket

There are many different versions of this bracket because it can be used in any type of sport. Still, there’s one more variation that’s worth noting, aside from the 24 team single elimination bracket: The 24 team seeded double-elimination bracket.

24 team double elimination bracket seeding

In this version, the seeding of the bracket means that several players or teams have been allocated within the bracket in specific places. Usually, those teams were the best of the qualification phase of the tournament. This is done to prevent the underdogs or teams that are lower in the ranks to be passed down to the loser’s bracket right after the first phase. As a result, a much more balanced set of matches is obtained.

Download the best 24 team brackets

We have the best brackets in three different formats. Each one of them is great to track the tourney’s progress. They will help you to organize your own tournaments, and with a few other tools, you’ll be able to organize the most balanced ones, using seeding and fair draw.

24 team double elimination bracket xlsx


In customizable Microsoft Excel XLS:


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