Printable 19 team double elimination bracket

19 team double elimination bracket

The 19 team double elimination bracket is the answer to this simple question; how to organize a tournament with 19 teams? Here we’ll help you through this process, pointing out the advantages of this system over others. Let’s get started.

19 team double elimination bracket

When you’re organizing a tournament, there are many different systems that you can use. The most famous and used are the single elimination, and the double elimination system. Each one can prove more useful than the other depending on the needs you have, both in the organization of the tourney, and the satisfaction of its audience.

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Differences between the systems

There are many differences between the two main systems. A single elimination tournament with 19 teams has 18 matches, and a 19 team double elimination bracket has 36 or 37 matches instead. This means that the double elimination system is harder to organize. Still, this system has proved its worth when the satisfaction of the tournament is key, both to teams and its followers. Why?

Since there are twice the number of matches, then each team gets a second chance to fight for the winner’s seat. This can be much more engaging to the audience, as well as a higher motivation for teams to participate. You must assess this advantage vs. the quickness of the tourney. If you need a quick tournament (that lasts at least half the duration of a double elimination tourney), then the single elimination system is what you need.

If you will charge entrance per each game, then the best way of maximizing gains will be the double elimination system. This is especially true if the cost of the venue in which matches will be held is affordable.

Download here the best 19 double elimination brackets

Here, you’ll be able to get three different formats for the 19 team D.E bracket. Each one was created to offer certain benefit or advantage over the other. Check them out here:

19 team double elimination bracket xlxs

JPG: easy to carry and edit in mobile devices.

PDF: easy to print.

XLSX: easy to custom with team’s names.

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