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Free printable 13 team double elimination bracket

13 team double elimination bracket

The 13 team double elimination bracket is a rare, but feasible form of utilizing the double elimination system. Learn more about it here.

13 team double elimination bracket

Tournaments consisting of an odd number of teams or players are rare, however, they are possible. For example, the 13 double elimination bracket is one of the weirdest brackets with almost no application in official sports. That’s why we can imply that it’s mostly used in unofficial competitions and amateur sports.

There’s no actual record of the use of this tournament system with 13 players. However, the use of the double elimination system is known in surf and windsurf, where some of the major tournaments have had 13 competitors throughout the years.

Why the 13 team D.E bracket?

The best way of organizing a tournament with an odd number of teams is certainly the double elimination system. That’s because of one reason; single-elimination tournaments need even numbers to work. Since the double-elimination system offers different approaches to solving this, it’s seemed as much more flexible.

13 team double elimination bracket ghost match
Specifically, this is what causes the organizational chaos,

This doesn’t mean double elimination systems are perfect though, and they are still a challenge to organize, especially considering time and venues. That’s why most official tournaments prefer single-elimination, and double elimination is used for shorter types of tournaments. Local basketball, baseball, soccer, or e-sports teams use them often.

Download the best 13 team double elimination brackets here

We have the best 13 double elimination brackets for you to use. They are the best way of adding formality to your home-made, amateur, or fantasy-league tournaments. You can download them in three different versions, each one more convenient than the other for your specific use.

13 team double elimination brackets xlsx


In customizable Microsoft Excel XLSX. This is the most useful one if you want to add some changes to the structure or even seeding teams.

In an easy-to-print PDF.

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