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    Originally posted by Toruko View Post
    Ok, since my "name" was mentioned here like 100 times in one post I should maybe share my view to this.

    KLS is not accessible to me so I cant watch any games of him and dont know what the level of this league is but this is also not important. What matters is that he steadily improves his skill set and this is what he has done. Its clear that he is the next Steve Nash just because he has a good season in KLS but players like Jovic and Micic played in this league when they were at the same age.

    His time in the Serbian league is over. Its not my claim but his statement of himself.

    I have no clue about how the situation in this league is and I dont care at all. If there are playoffs or not. I just mentioned it because there are stronger and weaker teams thats all but I am happy to amuse you guys and nice that you follow my postings.
    Of course your name is mentioned, who else would provide us with informations from all those 15 year olds that are "undeniable in open court"

    Nothing personal, I like your fanatism - only thing I hope you all in Turkey will give him is - TIME! That's the crucial thing he needs because this is a very good upcoming player and too high expectations would lead to contraeffect. If he delivers with 21 or 23 or 24 is totally unimportant until he steadily works on his game. Ups and downs will come and I think much more important than the league where he plays is an enviroment for growth. A mistake that here a lot of players (= their managers!) make regularly.


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      Originally posted by Worrax View Post
      Hello Serbian friends... What is the situation of Turkish player Mert Akay in KK Dynamic Belgrade? His games and statistics are good enough or he has a long way to go..? What's his coach and Serbian sport media thinking about him? Thanks.
      Last game for Akay:
      20pts, 6/9 for 2pts, 1/2 for 3pts, 5/5 FT, 13 asists, 5 rebounds, 3 steals, index 34.
      Looks solid
      Crvena Zvezda 2020/2021

      PG: Hall, Colom, Uskokovic
      SG/PG: Walden
      SG: Loyd
      SF/SG: Lazic, Dobric, Radanov
      SF/PF: Davidovac, Simonovic
      PF: O'Bryant, Simanic
      PF/C: Reath, Jagodic-Kuridza
      C: Kuzmic, Nnoko


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        Originally posted by Gudura View Post
        Last game for Akay:
        20pts, 6/9 for 2pts, 1/2 for 3pts, 5/5 FT, 13 asists, 5 rebounds, 3 steals, index 34.
        Looks solid
        Yes good stats, thanks for interest. As Katastroika said if he ends the Serbian BB school in Mega, this could create a better future, who knows..? Let's follow and see.. thank you.



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