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The 2023-2024 NBA Season

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  • The 2023-2024 NBA Season

    Can the Denver Nuggets repeat?

    The NBA Draft will be on June 22nd with Victor Wembanyama being projected as the number one selection overall.

    Summer League is scheduled on July 7th to 17th.


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    Denver has youth on their side, though the same
    could be said for the Bucks when they won the title 2 yrs ago


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      I think it will be an easy repeat for them. Unless someone figures a way to stop Jokic.


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        Originally posted by greenarcher View Post
        I think it will be an easy repeat for them. Unless someone figures a way to stop Jokic.
        No one is stopping Jokic. Better find ways to exploit him and try to outscore them.


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          interesting race for ROY

          chet, wenby, scoot and prolly brandon miller
          Philippine Malditas to FIFA Womens World Cup 2023



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            We need a real Center.

            Bam is too short.


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              Originally posted by Silent Killer View Post
              interesting race for ROY

              chet, wenby, scoot and prolly brandon miller
              Kai Sotto no doubt.


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                Lakers are going to reload.


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                  The Charlotte hornets remain the only eastern conference team to still not make the finals. Time to sell that franchise to a better team owner


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                    miami should get brook lopez. where is damian lilard headed to?


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                      Thinking of a Denver repeat as well.

                      but i'm curious with OKC especially what they will be doing this upcoming draft. They have a squad in there. Love J - Dubs game.


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                        19 years old Dereck Lively is now a projected top 10 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft

                        Dallas are projected to draft him. He might be the 2nd coming of Tyson Chandler.

                        7’1” 7”7” wingspan

                        40 inches vertical leap​​


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                          Hoping fingers crossed that Cason Wallace drops to 13th to 15th ( Toronto, Atlanta , Pelicans range).
                          and the Spurs trade for him using Malalki (19th pick 2022) and draft captial , 2024 or 2025 1st round picks from trades to Toronto (Poertl) and Atlanta (Murray) last year..

                          Wallace hopefully is the PG that develops with Wembanyama, to go with starters Collins (25 yrs old) , Sochan, Vassel , 6th man Keldon.
                          bench Tre, Bassey , Mamu and Mcdermmot

                          This team can make play in tournament
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                            IDENTICALS: GIANNIS v JOKIC
                            2-straight MVPs

                            You SWAP Giannis and Jokic.... who you taking? MilwaukeeJokic? or DenverGiannis?


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                              Jokic is good but I think he was helped by the NBAs move to pace space. Centers had to become lighter and shorter to be able to switch. Undersized guys like Bam can't guard him. Taller guys became finesse players like Ayton who avoid contact. I think previous All-star centers could guard him one on one and he wouldn't be able to guard them. He would have a problem with guys like Shaq and Duncan. Unfortunately, guys who had the potential to be good post threats are developed to either switchable bigs or just sealing bigs who don't really have offensive skills beyond sealing. Bam is the best example of sealing bigs. He is best when sealing and delivering passes. But he doesn't have consistent offensive skills beyond dunking. Guys like Ayton are soft. Evan Mobley is a perimeter player. Jarret Allen doesn't really have low post moves.

                              I think with Jokic and Nugget's success, teams will prepare for Jokic. The contender teams will try to match up with Jokic. This means bigger and stronger guys and/or two way bigs who can defend and have range on offense. Bam is neither of those. I think that's primarily why they lost.



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