It’s crazy that 35 NBA players pulled out of the FIBA Basketball World Cup tournament

We all know by now that the United States fielded a relatively unimpressive roster for the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup and paid for it.

The team that was headlined by third tier NBA star Kemba Walker did even worse than what the harshest of critics would have predicted. Even the best sportsbooks like ovo casino and biggest Team USA-haters would not have wagered any significant money that the team would have done any worse than bronze. That’s because even with a less-than-ideal roster, it was still an extremely talented group.

As admirable as their effort and intent, Team USA placed just seventh – a shocking finish that has some a lot of U.S. news sites and social media overreacting to the state of American basketball. We’re here to tell you that American basketball is quite healthy and still has the most dominant players in the world.

We all heard about players dropping out left and right, but never knew exactly how many. To emphasize that, present you the nearly nearly 50 players that, for whatever reasons, didn’t participate in the FIBA World Cup.

NBA Players That Snubbed FIBA Basketball World Cup

First we’ll start with the names that pulled out or dropped out; players that would have played if they wanted to. Here are the players ranked by Sports Illustrated’s recently released list of the top 100 NBA players going into next season. Keep in mind that this SI’s list doesn’t even include Kevin Durant (injury) or Zion Williamson (rookie), so we included them at the bottom.

NBA Players That Pulled Out of World Cup
# Player SI Rank
1 Kawhi Leonard #2
2 LeBron James #3
3 Stephen Curry #4
4 James Harden #5
5 Anthony Davis #6
6 Paul George #9
7 Damian Lillard #10
8 Jimmy Butler #11
9 Russell Westbrook #12
10 Kyrie Irving #15
11 LaMarcus Aldridge #16
12 Draymond Green #17
13 Blake Griffin #19
14 Bradley Beal #22
15 Kyle Lowry* #28
16 DeMar Derozan #31
17 CJ McCollum #32
18 De'Aaron Fox #33
19 Andre Drummond #36
20 Victor Oladipo* #39
21 Kevin Love #41
22 Paul Millsap #43
23 Tobias Harris #49
24 Klay Thompson* #58
25 Eric Gordon #63
26 JJ Redick #67
27 PJ Tucker* #74
28 Montrezl Harrell #77
29 Julius Randle #79
30 Jaren Jackson Jr. #83
31 Kyle Kuzma* #96
32 Landry Shamet NR
33 Kevin Durant* NR
34 Zion Williamson* NR
35 DeMarcus Cousins* NR

The players with an asterisk by their names either pulled out due to injury or weren’t considered because of those injuries.

That’s a lot of really good players, but those are the ones that were actually asked to play for the Senior National Team. There’s even many more players that are great players, but weren’t even asked to play on Team USA for whatever reasons. Here’s that list.

  1. Chris Paul (#21)
  2. Jrue Holiday (#25)
  3. Mike Conley (#26)
  4. Devin Booker (#34)
  5. D’Angelo Russell (#44)
  6. Eric Bledsoe (#46)
  7. Gary Harris (#48)
  8. John Collins (#51)
  9. Lou Williams (#52)
  10. Trae Young (#62)

To give you an idea of the caliber of players that did show up, the top ranked players on SI’s list were Walker at #20, Khris Middleton (#27) and Donovan Mitchell (#29).

Even though Interbasket’s mission is to support the growth of international basketball, we’ll never ignore the facts. And the fact is that had the United States brought their first tier players to the competition, hell, even the second tier superstars, they would have been the overwhelming favorites and most certainly would have finished better than seventh, and very likely Gold. Check out Olympic predictions at ovo casino.

The United States will get to prove that they still have the best basketball players in next year’s 2020 Olympics.

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