Puma Uproar Spectra 90’s (DeMarcus Cousins)

Back in February, DeMarcus Cousins debuted his new sneaker collaboration with PUMA when he wore the new PUMA Uproar in the black colorway. With that move, PUMA signed their biggest basketball name in what seems like forever – probably since Ralph Sampson was clocking his signature shoe in the mid-1980’s.

The four-time NBA All-Star joined the Golden State Warriors at the beginning of the 2018-19 season. He missed a huge chunk of the schedule recovering from an Achilles injury before returning to the court in earlier in the year. Puma was set to use that timing and opportunity to push their revived basketball division by launching their new hoops collaboration.

“My biggest thing is just being as loud and as different as I can be on the floor.” Cousins is quoted on Puma’s site. “That’s something they’ve (PUMA) embraced and pride themselves on.”

When Cousins wore the shoe in the game against the Los Angeles Lakers, he wore the Uproar in the black colorway with white detailing. Things looked good for Cousins then in the Warriors first playoff game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Cousins injured his quadriceps going after a loose ball. Unfortunately for Cousins, the Warriors, and Puma, the injury would sideline him for the rest of the post season – likely his last game as a Warrior.

Uproar Spectra 90’s Yellow Colorway

The timing of Cousins injury couldn’t have been worse for everyone involved. Faced with a tough decision, Puma decided to continuing pushing their new sneakers. They sent out an email for the Uproar in a dope yellow colorway called the Uproar Spectra 90’s:

For all those 90’s faithfuls, and even those who never saw a day of the 90’s — we got some lightning for ya. We’re here to present the Uproar Spectra. 90’s style and today’s tech to back it up. The Spectra looks straight past the “here and now” to blaze a path toward the future. Hop on the wave –Don’t Flinch. Future and retro collide in our Futro designs. We’ve stripped down shoes from our archives and rebuilt them to create future icons – grounded in history, and evolved for a new world.

The Uproar features cushioning technology that is strategically positioned for the highest level of energy return and responsiveness. The sneakers boast has strong grip for those sharp cuts and sudden stops required in basketball. Additionally, the new shoe has a “dynamic lacing and fit system” for the forefoot that ensures a full and secure fit. Check out the Puma Uproar in their new yellow design and colorway here.

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