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Free, printable basketball score sheets: Keep track of stats including rebounds, assists

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing basketball in an adult rec league, an AAU program, a pro-am league or playing through a tournament bracket, you’ll want to keep track of the game’s stats in a streamlined and easy-to-understand fashion so that it resembles a box score at the end of the game.

Knowing this, we’ve designed unique basketball scoresheets to help any league keep track of points, rebounds, field goals, free throws, and potentially other stats, you’ll want a fillable and printable basketball score sheet.

Printable basketball score sheets

There is no shortage of basketball score sheets available online and basketball score books available to purchase in stores, but why buy one when you can print one out for free?  We’ve provided a handful of different versions that allow you to track players’ basic stats to score sheets that get allow you the space to track more advanced stats like steals, blocks, three point field goals and follow the score of the game.

Download one of our universal and simple to use basketball score sheets as these stat sheets look as if they’re been torn out of a score book you bought at Dick’s Sporting Goods. These printables are perfect for any team, a coach, and for referees to easily refer to when they need to see how many fouls a player has, team fouls or timeouts remaining. You can print out the above scoresheet in its image version or PDF here.

All of our basketball score sheets keep track of both the home and visiting team stats on them. Be sure that it’s a visual representation that you’re most comfortable with and the format is easy on the eyes for those that will be doing the scoring and tracking. These sheets will allow you to clearly fill out the right lines with a pen or pencil while sitting at the scorer’s table or on the sideline. Print out the above score sheet in png image file or download and print it out in PDF format here.

Official NCAA basketball stat sheets

For those of you looking for more official basketball score sheets, the above is the official NCAA stat-tracking sheets from These are great, but only download this version is if you plan on keeping detailed statistics. If you haven’t noticed, this PDF scorebook sheet also requires two sheets of paper for each match. Each print out only has room enough for one team.

With its easy and very well organized formatting in tabled content, the score sheet allows you to enter field goals attempted and made, points scored in total or per quarter down to individual numbers accumulated by every single player from assists to turnovers.  Click here to download the image version of the above basketball score sheet or if you prefer the score sheet in PDF, we also have that available.

Please feel free to download any of our basketball scoresheet layouts. Feel free to share out these basic basketball scoring sheets to any hoops organization that may need it: recreational centers, youth league directors, YMCAs, 3-on-3 tournaments, to city basketball league organizers. Our bball scoresheets will keep things simple and easy to track stats.

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