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What’s the best surface type for an outdoor basketball court?

Whether you’re a seasoned hooper or looking to shoot some hoops for fun, an outdoor courts is typically one’s introduction to the game. That can be at the park or playground or in your driveway. The environment in which you learn how to play basketball directly influences the type of player you end up being.

Mostly it’s whom you’re playing with (and against), but there are other factors. Whether it’s using basketball shoes for the the concrete or nicer kicks for parquet,  you would want to have gear that’s specific to indoor or outdoor basketball, it’s also important to remember that not all court surfaces can be equal.  The most suitable basketball surface is one that that strike a good balance between durability, traction, and ball responsiveness. Not to mention cushioning that lessens the impact on knees, the back, and feet.

Some of the most popular options include asphalt, concrete, and modular tile surfaces. Let’s explore the best outdoor basketball court surfaces for backyard courts.

Types of Surfaces for an Outdoor Basketball Court

Playing basketball at the playground against strangers lit by streetlights is how many of the greatest NBA players came up. Streetball is a huge part of the basketball history. You can use different types of surfaces for an outdoor basketball court. Choosing the right kind of surface is very important for an enjoyable experience. We have mentioned the best available surfaces, so read ahead to make the right choice! 

Copo Sports Macwood Flooring – Synthetic Wooden Flooring

Copo Sports and many companies other  that offer remarkable synthetic wooden flooring solution known as Macwood, which delivers an authentic wooden experience despite being manufactured.  Thanks to the innovative work of VMKON, a leading company, this synthetic material can mimic the look and qualities of natural wood while boasting waterproof properties and immunity to insects and humidity.

As a result, Macwood has emerged as a superior alternative to natural wood. It is an ideal choice for outdoor court flooring. With the Copo Sports brand, VMKON makes this synthetic flooring available to customers.

Concrete Surfaces

The most popular type of surface that you can think about is a concrete court. Concrete is among the most sought-after options for courts for basketball in the backyard because it’s durable, simple to maintain, and affordable.  Furthermore, you can strain or paint concrete to create a variety of shades. This allows you to personalize the look of the court. But, one disadvantage of concrete is that it may be very tough and brittle. This can lead to increased use and wear on the players’ joints and could also increase the chance of injuries.

Asphalt Surfaces

Another option that is popular for basketball courts for backyard use is asphalt. Asphalt is famous for its long-lasting durability and low maintenance requirements. This makes it an ideal choice for those who do not want to dedicate much time and effort to cleaning their court.  Furthermore, courts made of asphalt can be coated or painted to provide different appearances. But, just like concrete, asphalt is extremely hard and unforgiving. It could also get very hot during the summer and cause discomfort for players

Rubber Surfaces

Another option for courts for basketball in backyards is a rubber-based surface. They are renowned for their shock absorption, which can significantly reduce the chance of injuries for players. Besides, rubber surfaces are usually made of recycled materials, which makes them a green option. However, these surfaces can be costly and require regular maintenance, including cleaning and sealing.

Sport Tile Surfaces

A more recent alternative that has gained in popularity is sport tile flooring. They are made of high-impact polypropylene, which is resistant to UV and lasts long. They are also resistant to slip and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. They are simple to put in and are a simple DIY project. 

One of the primary advantages of sporting tiles is they offer an excellent ball grip and traction, improving the courts’ overall performance. They are also available in various colors and can be used to design your own designs.

Synthetic Turf Surfaces

Another option is the possibility of a synthetic turf surface. Synthetic turf surface is becoming more popular for basketball courts in backyards since they’re low-maintenance and durable. They also offer a surface for play which is comparable to natural grass. Also, artificial turf is typically made of recycled materials, making it a green alternative. However, synthetic turf can be expensive and get very hot during the summer, making it uncomfortable for athletes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What about multi-purpose surfaces

Did you know that the basketball court is more spacious than the courts used for other sports? 

This is why if you plan to build an indoor basketball field, we recommend making it a multi-purpose court. Draw lines and adjust the dimensions to allow you to play badminton, tennis, volleyball, and various other games in addition to basketball. This will significantly improve your space’s efficiency and let you play other sports alongside basketball.

In the same high-end flooring, of course. Before concluding, here are a few frequently asked questions about outdoor basketball courts.

What is the best way to select the best basketball court flooring?

You must consider various factors before deciding on the flooring for your basketball court.  One of the most crucial is the durability of your flooring and ball bounce. In addition, the area deflection, slip resistance, shock absorption, and appearance are also thought of.

What is the best way to wash the basketball court’s floor?

The surfaces of basketball courts require extra attention and regular maintenance regularly. However, you can clean courts made of rubber using a mild cleaning product and a mop. This feature makes rubber surfaces distinct from other surfaces.


The basketball court’s flooring is crucial in order to make the experience enjoyable. If you’re putting the court in an open space, selecting a premium flooring material resistant to extreme weather conditions is essential. In this short guide, we’ve spoken about the various types of surfaces for outdoor basketball courts. The best one is certainly that of the artificial Macwood and the Gamechanger+ interlocking tiles made by Copo Sports.


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