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The 7 Best Pool Basketball Hoops (Portable) for Kids and Adults Alike

There aren’t many things in life that feel better than jumping into a pool on a long hot summer day. You can always take a dip by yourself, but the pool is always a lot more fun with friends. If you’re bringing friends around or throwing a themed pool party for your kids birthday, it’s nice to have some pool games to choose from.

There’s a lot of different options when it comes to pool games, but if you, your friends and your kids love basketball then there’s one obvious, necessary pool accessory  — a poolside basketball hoop. Even if your guests aren’t big hoopers on land, they’re certainly familiar with the sport. In any case, playing basketball in the water is the great equalizer; your Auntie can barely walk up the staircase, but could be the underwater Steph Curry in a one-piece. Who knew?

We’ve established that you want a pool basketball hoop, but as with any popular and enjoyable activity, there are a wide range of pool hoop options on the market. And that market includes all the big-hitters in Target, Walmart, Dick’s, Home Depot and of course Amazon.

What Type of Pool Basketball Hoop Should I Purchase?

Which poolside basketball hoop you want depends on the style and size of your pool, how big the kids or young men or women are who will be using the hoop, and how much you want to pay. You want the best, but are you willing to pay for it?

Like portable basketball goals for your driveway, pool basketball goals come in a wide range of shapes, styles, sizes, quality and price. One of the initial decisions a pool owner needs to make is how big of a hoop is appropriate for your style of pool and whether you prefer a portable one or one that is deck mounted.

Knowing the type of pool you have will help cut down on the options that you consider.

If you want it to grow with your young children, then consider buying a pool basketball hoop that has an adjustable height. This will help you make the pool ball games increasingly more challenging and fun as the kids grow up (and for the adults who might want to play). Other factors to consider include the base of the hoop and whether or not you need to permanently install it or if it uses a weighted base that can be moved around. For many consumers, the price of the basketball goal plays an important factor along with brand recognition.

So we’ve taken a look at almost all of of the available options, features, and considerations for the best pool basketball hoops out there. We’ve have laid out a variety for you to check out before you take the last shot.

The 7 Best Outdoor Pool Basketball Hoops

Our review will look at some of the best portable pool basketball hoops so if you’re looking for a deck-mounted, you’ll have to wait for our review of those more-permanent types of pool basketball hoops in the near future. Until then we’ll recommend checking out Pool Urchin’s review of the best deck-mounted basketball hoops for the pool. The portable pool basketball goals are certainly more popular, so let’s get into the ones we found to be the best.

The 7 Best Poolside Basketball Hoops (Portable)
Rank Basketball Price*]
1 Dunn-Rite Splash & Shoot Outdoor Adjustable Height Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop $399.00
2 Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System $159.88
3 GoSports Splash Hoop PRO Swimming Pool Basketball Game $117.85
4 Dunn-Rite Products Poola Hoop Pool Basketball Set B1500 $399
5 GoSports Splash Hoop Elite Pool Hoop Basketball Game $349.99
6 Valwix Poolside Basketball Hoop with Light $149.99
7 SwimWays 2-in-1 Pool Sport Combo Set $95.34

We Review: The 7 Best Pool Basketball Hoops

#1 Dunn-Rite Splash & Shoot Outdoor Adjustable Height Swimming Pool Hoop

The Dunn-Rite Splash & Shoot outdoor adjustable height swimming pool basketball hoop is one of the most popular on the market. The pool hoop system comes with a ball, base, and an 18-inch stainless steel rim and is appropriate for both adults and children.

The goal is very straightforward to build once you have it poolside. The Splash and Shoot model is rated extremely high for its durability. Not only does it withstand time and environement, the style and design of the off-white and turquoise Dunn-Rite sets it apart.

The ball that comes with the hoop matches the color of the rim for those who care about the look and feel of their poolside goal as well.

However the Dunn-Rite does run higher in price than other models. Shoppers will find just under the $400 price point. As with anything, if you want the best pool basketball hoop, it will be more expensive. In this case, we think it’s well-worth it. If you’re considering this, think of it as a multi-summer investment. And if something goes wrong, Dunn-Rite’s customer service has a reputation of taking care of their customers and standing by your products.

Another benefit is that all of their products are made in the United States, so you’re supporting a local company.

Sarah DeShon gave this hoop a 5 star review on Amazon, “It’s on the higher end but worth it! We needed some more activities for the pool and this is perfect. We can’t wait to play everyday! It’s pretty easy to adjust, definitely recommend using a hose to fill the base with water, ours didn’t exactly reach so it took a while to fill. I did most of the assembly myself. My husband helped me with the backboard when he got home. That was the hardest part is mounting the rim, backboard, and base at the same time.”


#2 Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

The Lifetime 1306 pool side basketball goal is a height adjustable portable basketball system that comes from Life Time — one of the companies that knows the business of recreational hoops whether it’s on land or water.

This 1306 model features a 44-inch backboard has excellent durability. The 1306 is one of the most maneuverable pool hoops sold today and has a positive reputation for being easy-to build for the pool owner.

The goal is very affordable with a price point of just under $160.00. Phillip Suggs writes in his 5-star review on Amazon, “Assembly was not bad at all…This is a heavy-duty goal with a full-size rim. Kids (10-12 year olds) run off the side of the pool to dunk on it. It’s too tall for them to dunk on it inside the pool, but perfect for a good game of basketball. Even for adults. It has held up extremely well our first summer. I HIGHLY recommend this basketball goal!”




#3 GoSports Splash Hoop PRO Swimming Pool Basketball Game

The GoSports Splash Hoop PRO swimming pool basketball game is one of the cooler options to consider by consumers. The goal comes with two water basketballs and a pump for them. One of the easiest pool basketball goals to build, it is a great value for the money. The goal is sold for just under $120 and is very durable. It has a 31” x 23” backboard and a 14” rim. The weighted base of the hoop delivers the stability required to withstand hard play by kids or adults in the pool.

M. Fiener writes on Amazon, “I upgraded from one of those mini pool hoops to this one for this season and couldn’t be happier. My kids loved it and had a ball with it. I had one issue with a part that came damaged and Go Sports customer service was amazing in solving it for me…their follow through was fantastic. I highly recommend this item” leaving a five-star review.




#4 Dunn-Rite Products Pool Hoop Pool Basketball Set B1500

The Dunn-Rite Pool Hoop B1500 is unique from many of the market options in that it is inflatable. The price is a bit higher than other pool sets at just under $400; however, it is easy to build and you can take it with you to other locations to enjoy besides your own pool.

The hoop is regulation sized, and doesn’t require any tools to put it together after taking it out of the box; just put it next to the pool, inflate and get to hooping.

Unlike other basketball hoops made for the pool, the Pool Hoop B1500 is a lot more manageable. When you’re done, you can easily deflate the store this away.




#5 GoSports Splash Hoop Elite Pool Hoop Basketball Game

The GoSports Splash Hoop Elite pool goal is another popular option for purchase for your pool. The setup comes with a water weighted base, and the height is adjustable. The rim is regulation sized made of steel. The hoop comes with two pool basketballs (with pump) and the overall price tag is just under $350. The setup lasts an extremely long time and is easy to setup after purchase. GoSports designed the goal to be durable and stable and features a shatterproof backboard.




#6 Valwix Poolside Basketball Hoop with Light

The Valwix Poolside basketball hoop comes with a light and is adjustable from 45”-59”. Similar to other makes and models on the market, it comes with two water balls and a pump. The rim of the goal lights up with an LED string light, and the base of the goal can be filled with either sand or water to add stability (recommended).

It is not as easy to setup as other brands; however, the price is affordable at just under $150. If you want to play on a hoop that features a larger backboard, then this model will not fit the bill with its smaller size, but for those who don’t mind going for the swish, the lights make it a nice edition for night-time play.





#7 SwimWays 2-in-1 Pool Sport Combo Set

The SwimWays 2-in-1 Pool Sport combo set is the only one on our list that features a volleyball net to go with the basketball goal. The setup is designed for outdoor pools, and it is easy to build. SwimWays designed the setup to be durable and last the owners a long time.

It can be used on an inground or above ground pool and does not require any significant setup and is a great option if you’re looking for a very good basketball hoop for your pool as one of the many options for you and your guests.

What sets the SwimWays option apart is that it’s not only most affordable hoop on our list with a price point under $100, but you also get a volleyball net. That’s two pool sports games checked off the list. The price is affordable enough for you to use it during a two-week holiday and leave it for the next AirBNB guests.

On, it’s got nearly 1,500 reviews and 4.2 stars, so it’s a solid option that most people like, but a small contingent wouldn’t recommend. We included this as an hyper-affordable, <$100 option.




Our Pick

Most Affordable and Best Pool Basketball Hoop

Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Whether in-ground, indoor, or in the water, Lifetime clearly knows how to design great basketball hoops, The Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Adjustable Portable Basketball system is our pick for the best option mixing price with quality of the product.

The hoop features one of the larger backboards for pool goals with a 44” shatterproof fusion polycarbonate backboard giving your setup a pro glass look. The pool is both rust-resistant and UV-protected.

One of the aspects that makes this goal popular with consumers is the height adjusts from four to 6.5 feet in six-inch increments depending on the nature of the game you want to setup with your friends or children. The goal comes priced moderately at around $200 and is considered extremely durable.



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