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Name: Tracy Lamar McGrady, Jr.
Nickname: T-Mac, The Big Sleep
Born: May 24, 1979
Status: Active
Origin: Bartow, Florida
Height: 6-8
Weight: 225lbs
Schools: Mt. Zion Christian Academy,
Durham, North Carolina
Drafted: 1997, First Round, 9th pick overall by the Toronto Raptors
Languages: English
Website:  InterBasket &
Teams (jersey): Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic (1), Houston Rockets (1)
Ibn Notes: Combine his sleepy Floyd-like eyes and laid-back attitude, it looks as if Tracy McGrady looks perpetually bored or may come off as if he lacks desire, but looks can be deceiving (well, save for those block of games during his last season in Orlando, but I digress...). McGrady started out as defensive phenom coming off the bench and in and out of the doghouse during his rookie year under Darrell Walker. Coach Walker believed T-Mac a lazy youngster that could play a little defense and never amount to anything, it's no wonder Walker isn't coaching anymore, because what stood before him was a kid that is the smoothest and arguably the most explosive scorer the league has seen since before Michael Jordan first retired (that's right, I said it).

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