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  InterBasket > Player Profiles > Rudy Fernandez, Spain From Fernandez is another young gun for the Spanish national team. …. At age 20, Fernandez already has Olympic experience and was the 2004 Copa del Rey MVP, even when his team DKV Joventut lost in the final. Fernandez is a very good athlete, quick, explosive and a good jumper who also possesses a wide set of offensive skills. He is a good three-point shooter but is more of a threat driving to the basket. Besides that, he understands the game, can pass the ball and has improved on defense in order to become a very solid player, able to guard the star of the opposing team. However, the biggest thing about Rudy Fernandez is that, despite everything said about him, he is just at the start of his promising career.
Rudy Fernández Profile

Name: Rudolfo Fernandez
Born: 04/04/1985
Status: Active
Origin: Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Height: 6-6 /1,95m
Weight: 184lbs./83,4 kg.
Schools: Brigham Young University (1971-73)
Drafted: Undrafted
Languages: Spanish
Website: InterBasket
Teams (jersey): Spanish National Team, Joventut Badalona
Ibn Notes: One of the most promising guards coming out of Europe, and wise beyond his years, similiar to Beno Udrih of Slovenia in that aspect. Quick, creative with great one-on-one moves, Fernandez was deemed the future by Spanish basketball legend, Juan Antonio San Epifanio, "He is an extraordinary talent, (Rudy) is young but he has already proved in the minutes he has played that he can make an impact. I think in two or three yeas time, he will be at the top of the game." When great ones speak of talent, they are speaking from experience, and that's a lot of pressure for Rudy Fernandez.  
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