Radoslav Nesterovic, Slovenia

Name: Radoslav Nesterovic (RAH-DOH-Slahv Neh-STARE-oh-vitch)
Nickname: Rasho
Born: 05/30/1976
Status: Active
Origin: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Height: 7-0/2,13cm
Weight: 248lbs./112,5kg
College: None
Drafted: 1998, 1st round, 17th pick by Timberwolves
Languages: Slovenian and English
Website: http://www.rashonesterovic.com & InterBasket Forums
Teams (jersey): Slovenian National Team, Virtus Kinder Bologna (Italy), Minnesota Timberwolves (8), San Antonio Spurs
FACTS: Radoslav Nesterovic spent most of the 1998-99 season with Virtus Kinder Bologna in the Italian League before signing with the Timberwolves on 5/4/98 and playing in the final two games of the NBA season... A 7-foot center from Slovenia, Nesterovic started playing basketball at the age of 10 and was voted the MVP of the European Under-22 Championship in 1996... Led his Virtus Kinder Bologna to the Euroleague Championship in Barcelona by averaging 11.4 points, 8.4 rebounds and 1.4 blocks and shooting .762 from the field (48-for-63) in nine playoff outings Last name sometimes listed as Makris in Europe Started playing basketball at age ten