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IBN Facts:  Sasha once scored 63 points in high-school.

Linus Kleiza Profile

Name: Aleksander Pavlovic

Postion: Guard/Forward
Nickname: Sasha, Pavs (USA)
Born: 11/15/1983
Origin: Bar, Serbia-Montenegro
Status: Active
Height: 6-7/2,01m
Weight: 210lbs./95,3kg
Schools: N/A
Drafted: 2003, 1st round, 19th overall by the Utah Jazz
Languages: Serbian, English
Website: InterBasket
Teams (Jersey): Utah Jazz, Cleveland Cavs (#3)
IBN Facts: Sasha Pavlovic doesn't lack the confidence even though he plays alongside LeBron James.  I've seen Pavlovic miss two crucial free-throw and then turnover the ball in a close loss, and two games later, hit 2 clutch threes in a win, both situations never fazed Sasha externally as he always seems to have a stoic look on his face. "What happened in Denver was good for me, I think,'' said Pavlovic, "It will make me better. That is basketball and those things happen.''

IBN Fun Quote: "I can't believe they are like that with Vlade; he is very big in my country. If he wanted to be president, he'd get 100 percent of the vote.  They change the country's name every other year and the rules, too. I don't know what is going on there now.''  - Sasha Pavlovic, 2005
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