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IBN Facts: Andres Nocioni may be best known in the USA for having dunked on Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan in the 1999 Olympic qualifier. Andres made his debut with Racing Club Avellaneda (Argentina) during the 1995-96 season...signed for the 1996-97 season by Olimpia Venado Tuerto...singed for the 1997-98 by Independiente General Pico...played there also the 1998-99 championship...moved to Spain for the 1999-00 season, signed by Tau Cerámica Saski Baskonia Vitoria...sent on loan for the 2000-01 season to Basket Manresa, in the Spanish 2nd Division...back to Taugres Tau Cerámica Baskonia Vitoria for the 2001 playoffs...he's still playing there.
Andrés Nocioni Profile

Name: Andres Marcelo Nocioni (no-CHEE-o-nee)
Nickname: Chapu
Born: 11/30/1979
Status: Active
Origin: Santa Fč, Argentina
Height: 6-7/2,03cm
Weight: 225/1,03kg
Schools: N/A
Drafted: N/A
Languages: Spanish, Italian
Website: InterBasket
Teams (jersey): Argentine National Team (#13), Tau Vitoria (#5), CB Manresa, Independiente General Pico, Chicago Bulls.
IBN Notes: The 2005-06 season was a great year for Nocioni. "Chapu", as he is nicknamed (after the Mexican children TV series El Chapulín Colorado), improved in every category during the regular season.  Averaging almost 5 more points on significantly better FG%, three-point shooting and FT%.  His shot selection didn't change, he just started hitting his jumper with more efficiency.  He raised his game even more in that year's playoffs, averaging 10 more points (22.3), more rebounds (8.8 > 6.1), on a blistering 56% from the field, 47% from three, and 85% from the free throw-line.  If Nocioni can keep the momentum, and he doesn't have any problem staying motivated, the 2006-07 NBA season can be a definitive season for him...

Accomplishments: Argentinean All-Star Game -99, Argentinean National Team -99-02, Argentinean League Finalist -99, South American Championships 1999 (Finalist), 2001 (Champion), Panamerican Games -99, Spanish LEB All-Star Game -01, Spanish ACB FinalFour -01, South American Championships All-Star Team -01, Tournament of the Americas (Copa America) in Neuquin (ARG) –01(Champion), Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) Winner -02, Spanish ACB Champion -02, World Championships in Indianapolis (USA) -02, Eurobasket All-Europe Imports 2nd Team 2002


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