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Johan Petro Profile

Name: Johan Petro
Nickname: N/A
Born: 01/27/86
Status: Active
Origin: Paris, France
Height: 7-0/2,15m
Weight: 260lbs
Schools: INSEP
Drafted: 2005, 1st Round, 25th pick overall by the Seattle Supersonics
Languages: French, English
Website:  InterBasket
Teams (jersey): Pau Orthez (14), Seattle Supersonics (27)
Ibn Notes: Johan Petro is a little raw, and it has been reported that he could brush up on his work ethic, but that doesn't let Petro's potential make him the top prospect coming out of France. The 7-foot (2.14m) Petro can run the floor like someone a foot shorter, has decent wingspan and is continually putting on weight and developing strength. Though quick, his footwork isn't all that it can be and as mentioned, he could use an attitude makeover. And though is 7 foot tall with a decent wingspan, his shot-blocking skills leaves a lot to be desired. Reaction time seems to be his biggest drawback defensively. Still, Petro is 7-0 tall, young, and has a couple years to improve. The NBA team that drafts him certainly hopes he turns out to be more than fellow countryman, Frederic Weis..

Ibn Facts: Petro dominated the bronze-medal game for the under-18 European Championships with a spectacular 24 points and 22 rebounds. 
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