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  InterBasket > Player Profiles > Yinka Dare, Nigeria  From Dare was discovered by Nigerian-born lawyer Lloyd Ukwu during a visit to Lagos in 1991. While Ukwu was driving, he noticed a very tall man sitting on a bench eating a bowl of food. When he asked him how tall he was, Dare said he didn't know. Dare had previously spent most of his free time in his native Nigeria playing tennis, but soon picked up basketball for the first time and flourished in his new sport.
Yinka Dare Profile

Name: Yinka Dare
Nickname: Stinka Dare, Black Hole, The Three-Minute Egg
Born: October 10, 1972
Status: Deceased January 9, 2004 at age 32 (Heart Atack)
Origin: Kano, Niigeria
Height: 7-1/2,17m
Weight: 265lbs/122,6kg
Schools: Milford Academy High School (Milford, Connecticut), George Washington University
Drafted: 1994, 1st Round, 14th pick overall by the New Jersey Nets
Languages: English
Website: InterBasket
Teams (jersey): New Jersey Nets
Ibn Notes:  Best remembered as the player to go the longest time without recording an assist, Dare become known was an overconfident underachiever during his short time in the NBA.  After being discovered in Nigeria as he sat on a bench eating a bowl of food, it wasn't long after that that Yinka Dare was leading George Washington to two NCAA tournament berths (his first year by averaging an impressive 15pts and 10 rebounds, GW went to the Sweet 16), Yinka left for the NBA after his sophmore campaign and things quickly went downhill from there.
Ibn Facts: Yinka Dare was named the 1992-93 Freshman of the Year by Sports Illustrated, as he led the George Washington Colonials to an NCAA tournament appearance.
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