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  InterBasket > Player Profiles > Janeth Arcain, Brazil Accomplishments: In 2002, Arcain led São Paulo/Guaru to the 5th Brazilian National Championship of Basketball and was named championship MVP after averaging 23.9 points (358 total) and 4.4 assists (66 total). Arcain has been on three of the five winning teams of the national championships in Brazil (Santo Andre in 1999, Vasco da Gama in 2001, São Paulo/Guaru in 2002). She has been named MVP of the championships on three occasions (1999, 2001, 2002) and has been the leading scorer four times (1998, 2000, 2001, 2002). Prior to joining the WNBA in 1997, she played six seasons for Polti in Brazil and two seasons with Leite Moca in Brazil. She won Brazilian League Championships in 1990 (Leite Moca) and 1995 (Polti) and was named MVP of the Brazilian League every year she played professionally! Arcain led all scorers of the Brazilian League in 1995 and 1996. She was a member of the Brazilian Olympic Team three times (1992, 1996, 2000) and even won a silver medal in Atlanta (1996) and a bronze in Sydney (2000) She is also a member of the Brazilian World Championship Team (1990, 1994 gold medal, 2002), Pan Am Games Team (1987 silver medal, 1991 gold medal), South American Championship Team (1986-88, 1990, 1995) and Brazilian Championship Team (1987-89)! She played for a club team, BCN, as a teenager and won the club championship in 1986, being named MVP from 1986-89.
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Name: Janeth Dos Santos Arcain (Jeh-NETH Ar-CANE)
Nickname: The Silent Assassin (US), J-Money (US)
Born: April 11, 1969
Status: Active
Origin: São Paulo, Brazil
Height: 5-11/1,80m
Weight: 147lbs./66,7kg
Schools: Minas Gerais, San Andres, Brazil
Drafted: 1997, Second Round, 13th pick by the Houston Comets in the inaugural WNBA "Elite" draft
Languages: Portuguese, English
Website: & InterBasket
Teams (jersey): Brazilian National Team, Santo Andre, Vasco da Gama, São Paulo/Guaru, Houston Comets
Ibn Notes: Janeth Arcain is one of the most accomplished basketball players in the world. Although she joined the newly-formed WNBA late in her career, she is remembered throughout the world as a prolific scorer in international competitions. While most athletes take long vacations, Arcain plays year-round in the WNBA, the Brazilian Women’s League, and in world competitions for many years. IN 1997, Arcain joined superstars Sheryl Swoopes, Cynthia Cooper and Tina Thompson on the Houston Comets where they won the WNBA's first four championships. Arcain has a strange pre-game superstition: she must step onto the court with right foot first. She most admires her mother Rita Arcain. A player whose game she likes to emulate is Charles Barkley. She grew up playing many sports, including soccer and volleyball. As a successful entrepreneur, she owns a computer store and operates a gymnasium in Brazil.

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