The 35 WNBA players that have scored the most points in one game

With Diana Taurasi becoming the first WNBA player ever to hit 10,000 career point mark by scoring 42 points, she added her name to a list of WNBA players that scored the most points in one game.

With high-octane scorers and many in the our list of the best WNBA players in history, players like Taurasi, Maya Moore, Cynthia Cooper, Breanna Stewart, Katie Smith, Jewell Loyd, and Elena Delle Donne are all over this list. There’s certainly no shortage of individual brilliance in the three decade history of the WNBA.  Throughout the league’s time since 1997, several exceptional players have etched their names into the record books by achieving remarkable single-game scoring feats.

WNBA players with Most Points in a Game

There have been approximately 30 players that have scored 40 or more points in a WNBA game since 1997. That list is led by Liz Cambage’s 53 points in 2018. Here’s the 31 highest-scoring games in WNBA regular season history. Keep in mind that a WNBA game is eight minutes shorter than a 48 minute NBA game.

WNBA Most Points in One Regular Season Game
# Player Points Date Team
1 Liz Cambage 53 07/17/2018 DAL
1 A'ja Wilson 53 08/22/2023 LVA
3 Riquna Williams 51 09/08/2013 TUL
4 Maya Moore 48 07/22/2014 MIN
5 Diana Taurasi 47 08/10/2006 PHO
5 Lauren Jackson 47 07/24/2007 SEA
7 Katie Smith 46 07/08/2001 MIN
8 Elena Delle Donne 45 06/24/2015 CHI
8 Breanna Stewart 45 05/21/2023 NYL
10 Cynthia Cooper 44 07/25/1997 HOU
10 Deanna Nolan 44 06/20/2008 DET
10 Betty Lennox 44 06/27/2008 ATL
10 Diana Taurasi 44 07/14/2010 PHO
14 Kristi Toliver 43 07/03/2015 LAS
14 Liz Cambage 43 08/17/2018 DAL
14 Rhyne Howard 43 07/02/2023 ATL
14 Breanna Stewart 43 07/05/2023 NYL
18 Cynthia Cooper 42 08/16/1999 HOU
18 Diana Taurasi 42 08/03/2023 PHO
18 Breanna Stewart 42 08/13/2023 NYL
21 Lisa Leslie 41 06/25/2006 LAS
21 Diana Taurasi 41 07/27/2006 PHO
21 DeWanna Bonner 41 06/08/2023 CON
21 Arike Ogunbowale 41 06/17/2023 DAL
21 Jewell Loyd 41 06/29/2023 SEA
26 Katie Smith* 40 06/17/2001 MIN
26 Candace Parker 40 07/09/2008 LAS
26 Cappie Pondexter 40 07/18/2010 NYL
26 Maya Moore 40 08/02/2014 MIN
26 Elena Delle Donne 40 06/06/2015 CHI
26 Maya Moore 40 07/07/2016 MIN
26 Kelsey Plum 40 07/09/2023 LVA
26 A'ja Wilson 40 08/12/2023 LVA
26 Breanna Stewart 40 09/05/2023 NYL

The Unforgettable WNBA Scoring Feats: Most Points in a Game

It’s no surprise to see that Taurasi finds herself on this list the most times with four appearances. That includes one of the top five scoring performances in terms of total points in WNBA history. Let’s delve into the awe-inspiring performances of some of the WNBA’s best single-game offensive performances from the likes of Liz Cambage, Riquna Williams, Maya Moore, Diana Taurasi, and Lauren Jackson.

Liz Cambage’s Dominance – 53 Points in 2018

In a game that will forever be etched in WNBA history, Liz Cambage showcased her scoring prowess in 2018. Playing for the Dallas Wings, Cambage delivered an awe-inspiring performance, amassing an astonishing 53 points. With her towering presence and deft touch around the rim, Cambage’s ability to convert shots from close range and beyond left the opposing team in awe. Her performance stood as a testament to her undeniable talent and relentless determination on the court.

Riquna Williams’ Explosive Outing – 51 Points in 2013

Riquna Williams, a dynamic guard for the Tulsa Shock (now the Dallas Wings), etched her name in the record books in 2013 with a dazzling display of scoring. Williams lit up the scoreboard with an impressive 51-point performance, showcasing her incredible shooting range and knack for finding open shots. Her offensive explosiveness propelled her team to victory and solidified her status as a scoring force to be reckoned with in the league.

Maya Moore’s Spectacular Showcase – 48 Points in 2014

A perennial WNBA star, Maya Moore’s impact on the court was never more evident than in 2014 when she dropped an a mind-blowing 48 points. Representing the Minnesota Lynx, Moore’s versatile scoring ability was on full display, as she seamlessly transitioned between jump shots, drives to the basket, and free throws. Her leadership and scoring prowess were instrumental in guiding her team to victory and cementing her legacy as one of the game’s all-time greats.

Diana Taurasi’s Scoring Mastery – 47 Points in 2006

Diana Taurasi, a name synonymous with WNBA excellence, showcased her scoring mastery in 2006 with a 47-point outburst in triple overtime. Leading the charge for the Phoenix Mercury over the Houston Comets, Taurasi’s skillful ball-handling, deep shooting range, and clutch performances were pivotal in her record-setting game. Her ability to consistently find ways to put points on the board solidified her reputation as one of the league’s most iconic figures.

Lauren Jackson’s Dominant Display – 47 Points in 2007

Lauren Jackson, an international sensation hailing from Australia, demonstrated her dominance with a 47-point performance in 2007 against the Washington Mystics. As a cornerstone player for the Seattle Storm, Jackson’s inside-outside game confounded defenders. Her ability to score from various positions on the court, combined with her tenacity on defense, made her a formidable force. Jackson’s 47-point outing underscored her impact on the global basketball stage.

Save for Riqua Williams and maybe Cambage, Taurasi is a WNBA living legends and guaranteed entry into the Basketball Hall of Fame where she’ll join Lauren Jackson and Maya Moore, and the likes of fellow high scorers Lisa Leslie, Cooper, Katie Smith, and Cappie Pondexter.

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