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Who Will Be The #1 Pick in the NBA Draft 2024? His Name is Alexandre Sarr

With the Atlanta Hawks making a stunning leap to secure the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft, French prospect Alexandre Sarr has emerged as the consensus #1 pick for the 2024 NBA Draft. Nine out of ten mock drafts position Sarr at the top, highlighting the excitement surrounding his potential.

The upcoming Olympics in Paris will also shine a spotlight on Sarr as well as two more French prospects: Zaccharie Risacher, projected to be chosen in the top 3, and Tidjane Salaun who is projected to be picked near the end of the lottery. This trio represents a strong French contingent in the draft, promising to elevate the global appeal of the NBA.

College Stars on the Rise

The University of Connecticut’s back-to-back NCAA championships have boosted the draft stock of Huskies Donovan Clingan and Stephon Castle, both projected as high lottery picks. Clingan, Castle and Zach Edey won’t need to write essays or go to 8 AM classes any longer, but if you do, here’s how to use AI to write my essay online. These three players’ performances in the March Madness tournament have improved their rankings and made them even stronger standout prospects.

John Calipari’s move from Kentucky to Arkansas hasn’t diminished the lottery potential of former Wildcats Reed Sheppard and Robert Dillingham. Sheppard’s recent workouts had him rising up in some mock drafts. Once Sheppard and Dillingham are drafted, they’ll add to Kentucky’s insane amount of NBA players with Wildcat bloodline. Despite G League Ignite’s tough season, prospects Matas Buzelis and Ron Holland remain highly regarded, with Buzelis often linked to the Pistons.

Interbasket’s Mock Draft 2024

With Sarr as the very likely top choice. The post-lottery mocks consolidate Sarr, Risacher, and Serbian prospect Nikola Topic at the top, followed by Sheppard, Clingan, Castle, Buzelis, and Dillingham, whose draft positions vary widely. Ten players appear consistently in lottery projections: Sarr, Risacher, Sheppard, Topic, Clingan, Castle, Buzelis, Dillingham, Dalton Knecht, and Cody Williams. We looked at ten of the most-respected mock drafts to come up with our projected top fourteen (lottery) picks.

2024 Mock Draft
Pick Team Player #
1 Atlanta Hawks Alex Sarr 10
2 Washington Wizards Zaccharie Risacher 4
3 Houston Rockets Reed Sheppard 3
4 San Antonio Spurs Nikola Topic 4
5 Detroit Pistons Matas Buzelis 5
6 Charlotte Hornets Stephon Castle 4
7 Trail Blazers Donovan Clingan Dalton Knecht 2
8 San Antonio Spurs Robert Dillingham 3
9 Memphis Grizzlies Ron Holland 3
10 Utah Jazz Dalton Knecht 3
11 Chicago Bulls Isaiah Collier 4
12 OKC Thunder Ja’Kobe Walter Cody Williams 2
13 Sacramento Kings Isaiah Collier Jared McCain Cody Williams 2
14 Trail Blazers Tidjane Salaun 5

The Alexandre Sarr Effect

NBA star Paul George has expressed high hopes for Sarr, suggesting that his play style could evolve similarly to Giannis Antetokounmpo’s. George emphasized the importance of being a good locker room presence and a hard worker, advice that resonates for any rising star. “Whatever team drafts you, you play for them, but you have to understand you play for the other 29 teams as well,” George said on his podcast, underscoring the interconnected nature of NBA careers.

Sarr’s versatility and maturity have been praised by teammates and coaches alike, with Perth Wildcats captain Jesse Wagstaff commending his coachability and unselfish mindset. Sarr’s combination of length, rim protection, and potential to develop a dynamic offensive game makes him an exciting prospect for the NBA.

As the Hawks, Rockets, and Wizards hold the top three picks, all eyes are on how these teams will utilize their selections to shape the future of their franchises. The 2024 NBA Draft promises to be a showcase of diverse talent, with several players poised to make significant impacts in the league.

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