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Who is the current owner(s) of the San Antonio Spurs?

Over the last 30 years, the San Antonio Spurs have solidified their status as one of the NBA’s most successful franchises. Led by visionary coach Gregg Popovich and anchored by legendary players like Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard, and Tony Parker, the Spurs have secured five NBA championships in that time and a record-setting run of 22 consecutive playoff appearances.

Known for their team-first approach, strong fundamental play, and unwavering commitment to excellence, the San Antonio Spurs have left an indelible mark on the NBA, etching their name among basketball’s greatest dynasties. A lot of that had to do with Popovich, Duncan and Ginobili, but behind the scenes, the on-court success and culture has been characterized by the dominant presence of the team’s ownership.

The Peter M. Holt Presided Over Spurs 1993-2016

It’s no coincidence that the San Antonio Spurs run of success began in the 1990’s. In 1993, the organization changed hands after two decades of middling results.

Peter M. Holt, the former CEO of Holt CAT,  was part of a group of 22 investors who purchased the San Antonio Spurs that year and that proved to be a flashpoint in the NBA organization’s journey. Taking over from former owner Red McCombs, Holt and those investors paid $75 million for the former ABA franchise.

As we detailed out a little earlier, Holt presided over the San Antonio Spurs and turned the franchise from a forgotten small-market NBA team to one of the league’s most-successful franchise in terms of winning percentage.

Spurs on Top
San Antonio Spurs 2283 1502 60.3%
Boston Celtics 3570 2462 59.2%
Los Angeles Lakers 3503 2419 59.2%
Utah Jazz 2146 1804 54.3%
Phoenix Suns 2380 2063 53.6%

As you can see that’s a better win/loss percentage than the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. Not only that, during Holt’s 23 year run as the Spur’s owner, from 1993 until 2016, he sat at the top when the Spurs won their five NBA championships in 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2014.

Safe to say that the San Antonio Spurs odds during Peter M. Holt’s reign were quite good.

Passing the Torch to Family Members

Throughout his ownership tenure, Peter M. Holt’s wife, Julianna Hawn Holt, was a crucial part of the ownership group, providing support and insights during the team’s journey to success. That would prove to be critical when Holt decided to retire.

In March 2016, a significant transition occurred within the Holt family. Julianna assumed the role of Chairwoman, succeeding her husband, as the “owner” and Co-CEO of Spurs Sports & Entertainment. Her leadership marked a new phase in the team’s ownership history. In 2018, Joanna filed for divorce from Holt, placing the team’s future in question.

Peter J. Holt is Spurs Current Owner (2019-Present)

Then in 2019, in another familial handover, the baton was passed to son, Peter J. Holt, who assumed a prominent position within the ownership structure. As the current Chairman of the San Antonio Spurs, Peter J. Holt now leads the team and carries on the family legacy as a key figure in the franchise’s operations.

The shift in ownership structure occurred in 2016 when the majority stake of the team was sold to Spurs Sports & Entertainment. This holding group took on the controlling interest in the San Antonio Spurs, with Julianna Hawn Holt at the helm. Under their leadership, the team has maintained its status as a successful NBA franchise, known for its consistent on-court performances, player development, and commitment to excellence.

Spurs Sports & Entertainment‘s crucial role in the ownership structure is evident in its oversight of the team’s operations and decision-making processes. The organization’s commitment to creating a strong sports organizational culture has been a driving force behind the Spurs’ sustained success in the NBA. Something that 2023 #1 draft pick Victor Wembanyama will certainly benefit from.

It is worth mentioning that Gregg Popovich, the esteemed head coach of the Spurs, has also been a minority owner during this time, further solidifying his deep connections to the organization and showcasing the tight-knit nature of the team’s ownership and management.

Over the past 30 years, the Holt family’s influence and the establishment of Spurs Sports & Entertainment have been instrumental in the San Antonio Spurs’ stability and accomplishments. The team’s ownership structure continues to evolve, reflecting a legacy of dedicated leadership and a commitment to maintaining the Spurs’ position as one of the most respected and successful franchises not only in the NBA but in all professional sports.

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