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Who is Stephen Harper? The man accusing NBA player Dwight Howard of sexual assault


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In a bombshell news item that came out right as the new 2023-24 NBA season kicked off.  No one could have predicted that former NBA player Dwight Howard would have received top billing especially with the debut of generational talent Victor Wembanyama.

The reason why Howard is at the top of our sports tickers? He allegedly sexually assault someone. Yeah we know, a celebrity being accused of sexual assault isn’t news, really. But what makes this case more newsworthy and salacious (at least to mainstream media) is that the accuser is a man and Howard has admitted to having consensual sexual relations with him.

With the NBA season kicking off, you would bet on the best NBA betting sites if there was a “Stephen” in the headlines, it would be NBA Hall of Famer to be Steph Curry. But it’s not, it’s a Georgia man named Stephen Harper. Read on.

So what happened with Dwight Howard?

In July, Stephen Harper initiated a state civil lawsuit against Howard, accusing him of “assault and battery, false imprisonment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

In a recent response filed by Howard’s attorney, Howard contended that the encounter, which took place in 2021 at Howard’s residence in the Atlanta suburbs, was consensual. He requested that the court dismiss of the case and that Harper was “out to get him.”

Harper’s legal complaint stated that they connected with Howard on Instagram and exchanged explicit text messages before agreeing to meet at Howard’s residence on July 19, 2021.

Upon arrival, Harper alleged that they were accompanied by another individual, known only as “Kitty,” and claimed that they were coerced into participating in sexual activities against his will. The lawsuit asserted that Harper felt threatened and believed he would face immediate harm if they resisted Howard’s advances. Following the incident, Harper experienced a profound sense of violation and humiliation.

In response, Howard vehemently denied the accusations, asserting that the encounter was consensual and that all three individuals willingly engaged in sexual activity. He sought a summary judgment, along with a request for court costs and attorney fees to be borne by Harper.

The lawsuit documents were first obtained by

Who is Stephen Harper?

So who is Stephen Harper, the Georgia man that is accusing Howard of sexually assaulting him in his home? Since many media sites do not publish personal details of not much is known about Harper. An Instagram post insinuating that this person in a black/white photo to be Harper:

That’s been confirmed with Harper’s official Instagram account @thestephenharper where they lists themselves as a visual artist where their grid is full of photo shoots in several different artistic and fashion styles


On October 27th, Harper put out an Instagram story that gave further detail into the case.

First and last time I’ll ever address this.

I would never expose a man or intentionally ruin someones career which is why I haven’t publicly spoke about this until now.

With all due respect, “Kitty” is an older unattractive person in their 40’s.

Hours into me being at Dwight Howard’s home, he ambushed me with this person. Dwight never showed me pictures of kitty nor disclosed their gender. Kitty walked in with a full beard, 2 inch heels and a 28 pcs church wig. Immediately I was thrown off, uncomfortable and expressed that I wanted to leave. Shortly after, Dwight forced himself onto me.

Then demanded that “Kitty” drop me off instead of me calling an Uber to his home.

This situation was truly traumatic & has affected me in many ways. Out of fear and intimidation I did not speak. However, I will not sit back and allow lies to be told about me. I was not Dwight’s first victim but hopefully I’m his last.

Here’s what else we’ve been able to gather about Harper from their lawsuit.

Stephen Harper’s allegations of sexual assault against NBA veteran Howard have been met with Howard’s strong denial. Harper filed a state civil suit in July, states that he first met Howard on Instagram, ultimately leading to explicit texts and a subsequent encounter at Howard’s suburban Atlanta home in July 2021.

Based in Georgia, Harper contends he was coerced into engaging into a threesome with Howard and another individual named “Kitty,” whom Howard allegedly introduced unexpectedly. Harper claims to have felt trapped and in fear of imminent harm if he resisted. This isn’t the first time that Howard has been accused of hooking up with someone from the LGBTQI community.

Howard admitted to sending and receiving explicit texts with Harper and engaging in consensual activities with all parties involved.

Howard has moved for dismissal of the case, denying any non-consensual actions and contesting Harper’s allegations of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and false imprisonment. As both sides present their divergent accounts, the legal proceedings continue. Atlanta lawyer Olga Izmaylova is representing Harper in what’s sure to be a media circus of a case.

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