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Who is Carter Prenosil and why did the Iowa high school basketball player punch his opponent after the game?

A high school basketball player in Iowa was arrested and is now facing felony assault charges after his sucker punching an opponent twice was caught on cell phone camera.

If you’ve come to this article, it’s likely you saw the viral social media post of Carter Prenosil punching and knocking out an opposing player as the teams shook hands after the game. Here’s one of those viral posts on Instagram.


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The incident happened after the Carlisle-Nevada basketball game had ended with 72-47 win for Nevada. In the video you can see the two teams lining up giving each other high fives with Ty Dittmer leading the line for Nevada. Five players in on the Carlisle side of the handshake line awaied 17-year-old senior Prenosil. Prenosil wasted no time; first punching Dittmer in the gut then viciously landing a second blow to Dittmer’s face. Watch the full video on YouTube.

Dittmer would be knocked unconscious by Prenosil, and the smaller player continued swinging. Luckily for Ditmer, one of his teammates acted fast and garbbed Prenosil in a chokehold to stop him from really giving Dittmer a beatdown.

Who is Carter Prenosil?

The Carlisle Police Department quickly identified the assailant as 17-year old Carter Prenosil a senior at local Carlisle High School. Prenosil is 5-foot-8 and plays both baskeball and football for Carlisle according to Max Preps.

Prenosil plays guard and is a starter on the varsity basketball as well as playing for the Carlisle football team. He is set to graduate in 2022 and it should be a year of celebration, but Prenosil was charged with a felony charge of willful injury for the postgame incident.

Court documentsed that Prenosil threw an “unwarranted punch” at Ty Dittmer’s abdomen and face. Prenosil has been released from jail on a $10,000 bond.

So why did Prenosil punch Dittmer?

What’s unclear is why Prenosil went after Dittmer with such force and emotion. Clearly something happened during the game that Prenosil couldn’t let go of. On the above Instagram post, it doesn’t give much background other than referencing that students said that the two “traded insults during the game”

“He said something during the game that Carter didn’t like so at the end, Carter went up and finished it.” Carlisle High School student JayJay Noring told KCCI. “Which was a little way too beyond if you ask me. {Prenosil) didn’t have to go that far”

One of the pinned comments on the Instagram post mentioned alleged that Dittmer made fun of Presosil’s diabled sister

Talk sh*t get hit, backstory to this, is dude was talking shot (sic) about the dudes disabled sister. Not everyone in this world is Twitter fingers

Again, that hasn’t been verified as neither Dittmer or Prenosil has said anything publicly about the fight. What’s safe to say is that something happened between the two players during the match. And it probably didn’t help Prenosil’s anger management that his team lost by 25 points.

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