Where to watch live sports or stream them online: From BT Sports, ESPN, Sky Sports and more

For years the viewing of sports was reserved purely for those who tuned into their TV sets and had the correct subscription by which to view their chosen event, but the internet has changed this forever. Especially during these times of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Over the last few years, the choices you have to watch sports online have grown a great deal and today, you can choose from any number of online live sports stream options (more info on betpal.com). On this page, we run down some of the best options you have to choose from.

Online Sports Books

If you are a more frequent sports viewer with a more wide-reaching interest in sports but aren’t interested in paying monthly for events you don’t need, then online sports books are the best option for you. This is because they will allow you access to different sporting events when you are a member of their sports book.

In order to gain access to them you will often have to fit a certain criterion to make yourself eligible. Generally, this will mean you need to deposits funds in your account and have an available balance in order to watch these event. Other times, you will need to actively bet on the event in order to view the action from it. The exact methods to gain access will be determined by the casino itself.

The best sports book in the business will all offer this option but not every sports book will. Therefore, it is well worth considering whether your sports book does before you commit.

YouTube TV

YouTube has been the go-to for viewing videos online for well over a decade now. While for a long time this was comprised mainly of user-generated content or video clips, in more recent years it has become possible to stream events directly over their service.

This can be primarily done by accessing the YouTube TV section. Here you can find NBA and NCAA basketball, NFL and NCAA football, MLB baseball, NHL hockey, MLS and EPL soccer, tennis, racing, martial arts, and more. As well as this, you can also stay up to date with the vast array of clips uploaded daily to their standard service as well. The platform is also portable to take with you via your phone.


Another similar option to BT Sports that is better suited for American audiences is ESPN. They offer a similar service in nature, to BT Sports with both the option to watch sports on a TV box or directly via your laptop or mobile app.

These include a wide variety of sports including all the most popular options that US residents like to watch, including NBA, NFL and MLB, as opposed to BT Sports which focuses more on events on the other side of the Atlantic.  

ESPN is also very cheap per month, in fact, probably the cheapest on our list so far. Membership starts out with a free trial can cost just $5 per month and even less when you buy a year-long contract. While it is only available in the US technically, a VPN would soon bypass that issue and should still be able to access it if you decide it is the site you want to use for streaming sports.

Pay-Per-View Streams

If you aren’t a huge fan of all sports and perhaps only have interest in watching a couple of events per year, such as the big boxing, wrestling or MMA events, then using Pay-Per-View streams is probably the best option available to you.

These can be found all across the website and will ask you to pay a one-off price and then you will be able to enjoy all the coverage from that one event over the course of an evening – no strings attached.

This means you aren’t locked into a subscription service where you pay monthly and instead, pay a sum one time and that is it. Often even if you do have any of the above-mentioned subscriptions, you will still need to use this for certain events as very subscription providers can offer these too.

Viewing Sports Online

These are the most common ways to stream sports online legally over good quality streams. For example, NBA League Pass is free until April 22, 2020. However, there are plenty of other streaming services out there that you can also use with some more reliable than others. Often you will find free streaming sites but often these can be a legal grey area and often very unreliable too.

There are also plenty of other payable services out there but you have to be careful about which ones you can or cannot trust as there is a lot of differences between different streaming sites. Thus, we would always use tried and trusted services like the ones mentioned above. 

BT Sports

BT Sports is somewhat of a new contender on the live sports streaming market having only entered the fray in the last couple of years. However, in a short period of time, they have made a huge impact on how sports are experienced, particularly in the UK.

They provide a cheaper alternative to what was previously possible when Sky Sports was the only major player in the field while providing more sports to enjoy than what was previously available on terrestrial channels that are widely available.

As such, it is the perfect place to watch loads of high-quality sporting events from across the world at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, thanks to their app’s services, you can stream all these events on the go via mobile or over multiple devices.

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