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Which NBA players have the most offensive rebounds in NBA history?

In the game of basketball where outscoring the opponent is the name of the game, an offensive rebound can be incredibly important stat. It’s an extra possession that allows that team another opportunity to score a basket.

Whenever a player comes up with a rebound when their team is on offense, that’s an offensive rebounds. However, there are also offensive rebounds sometimes attributed by the team. That’s when either team is unable to get possession after a missed shot; usually going out of bounds.

There have been many offensive rebounding specialists and superstars that have made a name for themselves in the league’s history. Some of those include Dennis Rodman, Moses Malone, Wilt Chamberlain, Tim Duncan, Bill Russell and Tyson Chandler.

Who are the NBA’s leader in offensive rebounds

When it comes to this stat, Moses Malone‘s name is synonymous with offensive rebounds. As the undisputed king of offensive rebounds in NBA history, Moses gathered a total of 6,731 to his name and also also set an NBA record with 21 offensive rebounds in a single game. Malone is, by far, the NBA’s leader in this sub-category.*

Most Offensive Rebounds of All-Time*
Rank Player Off. Reb.
1 Moses Malone 6731
2 Robert Parish 4598
3 Buck Williams 4526
4 Dennis Rodman 4329
5 Charles Barkley 4260
6 Shaquille O'Neal 4209
7 Kevin Willis 4132
8 Hakeem Olajuwon 4034
9 Charles Oakley 3924
10 Tim Duncan 3859
11 Dwight Howard 3827
12 Dikembe Mutombo 3808
13 Karl Malone 3562
14 Tyson Chandler 3529
15 Horace Grant 3467
16 Otis Thorpe 3446
17 Ben Wallace 3444
18 Larry Smith 3401
19 A.C. Green 3354
20 Elton Brand 3304

Coming in second was the underrated Robert Parish, whose longevity certainly helped him rise up in the ranks. Workhorses Buck Williams and Dennis Rodman come in at 3rd and 4th on this list. Rodman most certainly would be second on this list had he played more seasons. Technically, he participated in 14 NBA seasons, but only really played in 12 as his final two seasons saw him only play in 35 total games.

But no one would have caught Moses. Despite not having a great vertical leap, Malone was unstoppable on the offensive boards; using his size, positioning and timing to lead the league on six different instances in rebounds. Despite other great rebounders in NBA history, Moses remains the all-time leader in offensive rebounds decades after his final NBA game and more than 2000 more offensive rebounds than Parish.

Moses Malone fights Buck Williams off for rebound

Moses also made record free throws at 8531 – more than any other player in NBA history. In free throw attempts, he is ranked second after Chamberlain with 11,090.

* A couple caveats to this list is that when Russell and Chamberlain played, the NBA didn’t officially record offensive rebounds, so those two (and a few others) would have certainly been at the top of the list. Another caveat is that Moses could have had more than 7,000 offensive rebounds if the NBA counted his years playing in the ABA. Our list only includes NBA totals — to see combined totals go to this page on Basketball Reference.

How offensive rebounds impact sports betting

When it comes to basketball sport betting, rebounds take center stage. In an offensive rebound, the offensive team gets a second scoring chance, besides knocking back the defense the opportunity to initiate on offense. Using statistics of a player’s offensive rebounds can give you an upper hand in basketball gambling because the percentage of offensive rebounds that end in a score is significantly greater than the first shots.

Many basketball gamblers at Malaysia online casino have won huge bets by using the offensive rebound as a metric to place a wager on their outcomes. What else can underscore the importance of offensive rebounds than Moses Malone’s NBA achievements?

Andre Drummond will crack the top five

As unbreakable as Moses’ offensive rebound record is, there’s one current active player that seems to be a lock to make the top ten in offensive rebounds and has a good chance of getting into the top five. That’s Andre Drummond.

Using Buck’s and Rodman’s offensive rebounding averages over their careers, a player must average at least four offensive rebounds several seasons in a row to have a chance. Drummond has more than accomplished that. In fact he’s done that for eight seasons in a row — surpassing five offensive caroms in four of those seasons — and he’s still relatively young.

As of this post, Drummond already 33rd on the all-time list with more than 2800 offensive rebounds and he’s just 26 years old. If he’s to pull an average of 350 offensive rebounds (which is well below his hauls in the last seven seasons) over the next 5 seasons, he’ll easily surpass Tim Duncan, Dikembe Mutombo, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Buck and Rodman. The key factor is if Drummond can remain healthy.

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