What is Michael Porter Jr.’s race — is he biracial?

Coming into the 2017-18 NCAA season, Michael Porter Jr. was on the short list of top players on the incoming freshman list — and projected one-and-done, NBA lottery pick.

Unfortunately, the 6-10 high-flying forward and MVP of the 2017 McDonald’s All-American Game would suffer a season-ending injury in his first college game — just two minutes into his Missouri debut. That essentially ended his season. Porter Jr. was cleared to play months later and returned to the court for two games before his Tigers were eliminated.

Still Porter Jr. believed in himself and his talent and potential to forgo his final three years of eligibility. He declared for the NBA Draft hoping that NBA teams also believed in the player that put up 36.2 points and 13.6 rebounds per game during his senior year in high school where he led his team to a perfect 29–0 record and the Washington Class 3A State Basketball Championship.

His potential was enough to entice the Denver Nuggets to take a chance on him with the 14th overall pick. That’s not a lottery pick, but to be drafted so high after just a few games under his belt shows what type of prospect Porter Jr. was/is. Still there are naysayers, ones that are cleary concerned about his back issues — that’s an injury that can be chronic and career-ending. There are also whispers that Porter Jr. is “soft” because he’s more finesse than power, but also because it’s a preconception unfairly put on light-skinned players.

Why Does Michael Porter Jr. Have Light Skin

What Michael Porter Jr. is going through in regards to his lighter skin is no different than other light-skinned NBA stars have had to put up with — in particular Stephen Curry’s toughness is constantly challenged due to his lack of darkness. Jordan Clarkson famously said that he needed to be tougher because Kobe Bryant labeled him soft for taking the ball to the hoop like a “light skinned dude”.

Porter Jr. complexion comes from having a black father, Michael Porter Sr. and a white mother (Lisa Becker) — making Michael Porter Jr. mixed race. And that means that’s Michael’s seven siblings are also biracial: older sisters Bri and Cierra and younger siblings Jontay, Coban, Jevon, Izaak, and Jayda. And they all hoop.

No doubt basketball runs in the family, but if you assume that Michael got his high scoring mindset from his dad’s side, you would be making a huge assumption. We don’t know about his father’s skills on the court and where he played, but we do know that his mom Lisa averaged a mind-blowing, jaw-dropping 58.7 points a game for Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School back in 1983.

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