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What is Malcolm Brogdon’s background, racial identity and ethnicity?

Malcolm Brogdon had a respectable rookie season during the 2016-17 season that was highlighted by a dunk he had over LeBron James — little did we know that Brogdon would be eventually named that season’s Rookie of the Year, almost by default as there wasn’t much competition.

With modest averages of 10.2 points and 4.2 assists coming off the bench for the majority of the 75 games he played in for a middling Milwaukee Bucks team, Brogdon graciously accepted the trophy as the first second round pick ever to take home the top rookie award.

The funny thing is, despite winning the Rookie award last season, Brogdon has made more of a name for himself after clutch shots and strong performances in two games during their 2018 NBA Playoff. In the Bucks’ matchup with the Boston Celtics, the focus has been on the bigger names on the Milwaukee team, specifically Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton, but Brogdon has taken his role and opportunity to stand out. And with that, comes some curiosity as the Brogdon’s background, race, and other personal information.

Who are Malcolm Brogdon’s Parents?

Malcolm is the son of Mitchell Brogdon Jr. and Jann Adams. Mitchell is a lawyer and mediator, while Brogdon’s mother Jann Adams is the Associate Dean of science and math at Morehouse College. Adams received a PHD in clinical and social psychology from Indiana University. If you couldn’t tell by his parents’ pedigrees and education, it’s clear that the family is filled with achievers. Brogdon admitted the obvious in a Sports Illustrated article back when he was playing for Virginia:

“In my family, graduating and getting your bachelor’s is just the beginning,” Brogdon says. “It’s only expected. You’re underachieving if you don’t strive for more than that.”

That’s because there are diplomas, degrees and doctorates are common place among his family.

So is Malcolm Brogdon of Mixed Race?

Though we couldn’t locate any definitive information of Adams background, Brogdon’s mom appears to be of mixed race – perhaps African-American and Caucasian, or possibly partly West Indian. If she is part Caucasian, then Brogdon would be considered bi-racial as his father Mitchell is African-American

When Malcolm was 11 years old, Jann and Mitchell divorced, but continues to have a great relationship with both of his parents.

Whatever Brogdon’s race, it’s clear he has high standards whether on the court or off. Here’s Brogdon talking about what the expectations of a second round pick is supposed to be and do: “I’ve heard a lot about what second-round picks usually do – whether it’s D-League or whether it’s not playing – but for me, I have high expectations of myself regardless of where I’m picked.” Combined with the high bar set by his family, it’s clear that Brogdon has become successful due to that inherent drive that was passed down from his parents.

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