What is Jaxson Hayes’ race and ethnicity, and who are Jaxson’s parents?

Despite being drafted in the lottery of the 2019 NBA Draft, one might overlook the name Jaxson Hayes. That’s because the 19 year old seven-footer came into the league with a class of highly-touted players like Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett and Ja Morant, so it’s nothing against the University of Texas center – it’s just there’s more hyped players that came ahead of him

Though you might remember Hayes from one of his vicious, highlight-worthy slams of the preseason.

Jaxson rights were traded to the New Orleans Pelicans on draft night where he joined fellow the one-and-done Williamson and another rookie Nickeil Alexander-Walker on the team. With those three first year players, the Pelicans are one of the more intriguing young teams in the league.

What’s also intriguing NBA fans is the bouncy Hayes rising up for dunks. As his playing time increases, especially with the absence of Zion, his outer appearance will cause many curious followers to Google search “What is Jaxson Hayes’ race?” We’ll try to provide that answer.

Who are Jaxson Hayes’ Mom and Dad?

Past the reactive assumptions of judging by outward appearances and assuming, the easiest way though not always the most accurate to determine a players lineage is that players’ parents.

Born May 23, 2000 in Norman, Oklahoma to Jonathan Hayes and Kristi Kinne, his parents are both former standout athletes. Jonathan was a football All-American at the University of Iowa and spent 12 years as an tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL while Kristi averaged more than 50 points per game during her senior year at a high school in Iowa. She would go on to attend Drake University and was a basketball standout there including winning Freshman of the Year, then was named MVP of the conference as a senior when Drake made the NCAA tournament.

The two met and had three children. The tight knit family of six is a picture of love and support. “My dad and my mom are really understanding,” Jaxson said last week. “They wanted me to be the best athlete I could be. They kind of let me decide for myself what I wanted to do.”

So is Jaxson Hayes Bi-Racial?

From appearances, Kristi looks Caucasian while Jonathan appears to be Black / African-American. If both those assumptions are true then Jaxson and his siblings including sister Jillian and younger brothers Jewett and Jonah are biracial/multiracial. Hayes is also one of the handful of multiracial players in his class, including the Black-Japanese Rui Hachimura and Golden State rookie Jordan Poole.

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