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Watch These Footwork, Core, and Lower Body Workouts That Will Enhance Your Basketball Skills

The best way to improve your basketball skills is through hard work and practice, but hard work isn’t just playing basketball, but supplementing your on-court play with in-the-gym work. Basketball training is essential if you want to improve your game and get to that next level. Apart from playing basketball, it’s core to improve your footwork, increase your strength, explosiveness and vertical. 

Improving your physical abilities is really important just don’t forget that the mental game is just as important; especially as the level of competition increases. Players will want to play with someone that has a deep understanding and knowledge of the game. When to make the right pass, when to shoot, not putting yourself in risky situations, how to space out the floor, when to help on defense are all essential basics that even the most-capable players don’t always have on-court. Having that IQ can also help you with predictions on top bitcoin NBA betting sites and being able to discuss at a high level.

In this guide, we focus on three workouts and drills that can help you improve your body that will positively impact your basketball performance over time.

Practice Footwork Drills

Do you ever wonder why the NBA isn’t full of seven foot players? That’s because mobility and footwork are a core skill that needs to be mastered. Basketball may rely on height, but in order to play at high levels, you have to have excellent footwork on both offense and defense. The more you can practice your footwork, the better you’ll be at executing moves on the court.  The following drills will help you improve your footwork.

  • Crossovers: This drill alternates between a crossover and a crossover back move. It will help you develop greater speed and agility in your movements.
  • Boxes: This drill involves running from point A to point B, then returning. It’s excellent for improving your speed and agility and practicing moving quickly in a straight line when running.
  • Sideways/Backward movements: This drill involves running sideways or backward for 10 yards before turning around and going back. This helps improve your lateral movement and balance while also helping build endurance throughout the session.

Add Core Exercises

One of the reasons beginners are intimidated by basketball is that it requires great balance and core body strength. The following exercises will help you build your core strength and improve your balance:

  • Sit-Ups – This exercise teaches you to use your abdominal muscles by forcing them to contract while pulling them downward.
  • Knees Up Board – This exercise works on your hip flexors by holding weights between the knees while standing on a board.
  • Reverse Crunch – This is a great way to strengthen the abdominal muscles while simultaneously working out other body parts.

Strengthen Your Lower Body

Side lunges are great exercises to strengthen your legs, hips, and glutes. The side leg kick is a great way to strengthen your hips while also working on flexibility. To do a side lunge, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent, and hands on your hips. Shift your weight onto one foot so that you are balanced on the ball of your foot. Slowly lower yourself into a deep squat position until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Push back up to a standing position with control by simultaneously pushing off with both legs. Repeat for 30 seconds on each leg.

Add More Strength, Balance and Mobility To Your Bag

Talk to anyone who has been playing basketball for generations, and they will agree that there is always room to improve your game. Even in the NBA, players and coaches never stop learning. The day you stop learning and growing is the day your career starts to end. The key is recognizing your strengths and identifying and correcting your game weaknesses. By improving your footwork, strength, hand-eye-coordination and base, you are adding to the foundations that could take your game to the next level.


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