Wait, what the hell did Chris Berman say about Scott Mahomes, Jalen Hurts during the Super Bowl?

In a high scoring affair between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, the game ended up coming down to a late-game controversial holding call that allowed the Chiefs to pull out a 38-35 win in Super Bowl LVII. The 57th Super Bowl was a great game that came down to spectacular fourth-quarter offensive displays by both starting quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts.

Two Black Quarterbacks Make History

No doubt that fourth quarter penalty caused a lot of pain for those that wagered on the Eagles to win at credit card casinos, but focusing on that takes away from an excellently-played and historic game.

As you’ve probably read about, this was the first Super Bowl where both teams started Black quarterbacks. And both Mahomes and Hurts met the high expectations of playing in their biggest game of the year.

Clearly in pain after being tackled by T.J. Edwards in the second quarter, Mahomes finished the game strong; completing 21 of 27 for 182 yards with three touchdowns coming from those passes. The Chiefs clearly had the momentum coming out of halftime as the 14-3 AFC leaders followed Mahomes’ lead and scored touchdowns on their first three drives after Rihanna’s amazing halftime show.

Hurts was near-perfect in his role, the MVP candidates threw for 304 yards completing 27 of 37 passes, but kept pressure on the KC defense by continually breaking out on the ground as Hurts had 15 carries that resulted in 70 yards rushed and three touchdowns (!!!). The 24-year old quarterback tied the game at 35 on a two-point conversion with approximately five minutes left.

Wait What the Hell Did Chris Berman Just Say?

If you were watching the coverage last night you may have been confused or angered by what NFL analyst Chris Berman said last night — that’s if you even understood what the hell he was blabbering. We’re here to provide a translation for those of you (including me) that had no idea what the NFL Sunday Countdown commentator said.


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Trying to summarize all the great storylines that happened during the game, Berman said:

“Andy Reid against Philadelphia, his old team. We could go on – we’re so euphoric. We should have asked him about that.”

Okay standard fare, but then Berman tries to acknowledge the fact that two starting

“Also, of course, two African American quarterbacks starting against each other in the Super Bowl for the first time. Fittingly, February 12th is Abe Lincoln’s birthday. Here we go with the highlights…”

Was he drunk? Don’t know, but it was a very awkward, unbelievably ignorant, entirely disrespectful and tone deaf to the heavens (at best) comment to make. That’s not a surprise to the growing legion of Berman critics. It’s clear that Berman knew beforehand that this was a milestone and very much wanted to provide context, but his choice to connect the two events was way off base and what’s worse, his not realizing how messed up it is to connect the two. We’ll let The Root respond:

Talk about peak white BS. In what world should Black people thank Abraham Lincoln for being partly responsible for two Black QBs playing in the Super Bowl, which is essentially what Berman stupidly implied.

Hey white people, contrary to popular belief, Lincoln did not free enslaved Africans because he wasn’t a racist, nor was it because he believed it was or did a heinous inhumane act. Lincoln did it because he needed more manpower to beat the Confederacy. That’s it. Lincoln did not care about Black people; in fact, he owned slaves, so to draw a correlation between said slave owner and two Black QBs facing off in the biggest football game of the year is beyond idiotic. Berman said his name like he was Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr. He wasn’t.

Social media certainly took him to task for the gaffe, too. So next time Berman thinks of making some meaningful statement about Black people, it’s probably best he just keeps his big mouth shut.

Nuff said.

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