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What is Victor Wembanyama’s wingspan and reach? It’s one of the NBA’s longest

As one reaches the highest levels of professional basketball, the smarter, taller, stronger and faster the competition gets. While skills may sometimes be similar, certain players possess physical attributes that set them literally above the rest of the competition.

That’s the case with Victor Wembanyama. The French player isn’t just skilled, talented and intelligent, he’s abeen measured at 7-foot-4 inches tall (barefoot!) which would make him one of the tallest players the league has ever seen.

Wembanyama isn’t just the unanimous top prospect of the 2023 NBA draft but is considered one of the top prospects in the history of the game. The hype we see around Wembanyama puts him in conversation with the likes of super hyped LeBron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Patrick Ewing,  Zion Williamson and others. As he figures out the speed of the NBA game, Wenbanyama’s height, length and reach will have punters taking up betting sign up offers UK and around the world.

With San Antonio securing the #1 overall pick in the NBA Draft, there’s no doubt that the Spurs will select Wembanyama, and the cost of event tickets featuring the young prospect will skyrocket. And those ticket prices will help to add an estimated $500 million to Spurs franchise, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, who reported that number from an anonymous team president.

What is Victor Wembanyama’s Height?

Wembanyama has garnered attention for his extraordinary physical attributes. Let’s look at those body measurements that have largely defined Wembanyama’s unique potential.

Victor Wembanyama is known for his remarkable height, which adds a significant advantage to his game. When scouts started to talk about Wembanyama, he already stood an impressive 7 feet 3 inches (2.21 meters) tall. Since then, the teenager has reportedly added another two inches to stand at 7 feet 5 inches (2.26 meters) going into the NBA Draft.

This places him well above the average height of an NBA player and certainly above the general population. Wembanyama’s height allows him to tower over the vast majority of NBA players, making it challenging for opponents to not only contest Wemby’s shots but shoot over him, too.

Even with his impressive height at 7 foot 5 inches, the French prospect can move like a guard. Coupling all that with amazing ball-handling and shooting skills, we’ve never seen a player at his height and stature doing the things Victor has shown he can do.

What is Victor Wembanyama’s wingspan?

Wembanyama’s wingspan is another remarkable aspect of his physical attributes that contributes to his success on the basketball court. The wingspan refers to the measurement of the distance between the fingertips when both arms are stretched out horizontally. When basketball heads started taking notice of Wembanyama, his wingspan was reported to be around 7 feet 8 inches (2.34 meters), but seeing as Wembanyama is still growing, he has not only added two inches to his already impressive height, but he also saw his wingspan increase by approximately 3 inches from 7-foot-9 to an insane 8-foot (2.43 meters) wingspan. This arm length makes Wembanyama one of the players with the longest wingspans in NBA history.

In an October appearance on “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” ESPN’s Senior Reporter and Analyst Brian Windhorst mentioned that Wembanyama can “pretty much” touch the rim with his feet on the ground “He’s laying up a ball, and his middle finger is, like, four centimeters from the rim.”

This expansive reach that measures hand to hand gives Wembanyama a significant advantage in various critical facets of the game, including shot-blocking, rebounding, shooting, and disrupting passing lanes. Wembanyama’s long arms and unusual mobility allow him to alter shots, intimidate opponents, cause turnovers, and forcing the offense to reset; making him a formidable presence on defense.

While height is an essential aspect of Wembanyama’s physical profile, his weight plays a crucial role in his overall athleticism and ability to compete at a high level. As of the latest available information, Wembanyama weighs approximately 209 pounds (95 kilograms). His weight, combined with his height, provides him with the necessary strength and stability to hold his ground against more physically imposing opponents. It also enables him to withstand the rigors of the game and maintain his balance in various basketball situations.

Other Intangibles

Impact on the Game:  The combination of Wembanyama’s exceptional height, weight, and wingspan creates a unique skill set that translates into a versatile and impactful playing style. His towering height allows him to score over defenders with relative ease, while his weight provides him with the necessary physicality to establish a position in the post and hold his ground against opponents. Additionally, Wembanyama’s impressive wingspan enables him to contest shots effectively, block attempts, and disrupt passing lanes, making him a dominant force on the defensive end.

Victor Wembanyama’s physical measurements, including his remarkable height, weight, and wingspan will contribute mightily to his success in the NBA. That rare combination of physical attributes that sets him apart from his peers now will be incredible assets at the next level. These attributes enable him to excel in various aspects of the game and make him an exciting prospect for basketball enthusiasts worldwide.


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