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Unexpected Stats: These 20 NBA Superstars Never Reached 20,000 Points

As of this post, there are exactly 50 NBA players that have scored 20,000 points in their career. That long exclusive list is no doubt filled with some of the league’s greatest players in the history of the league. It comes as no surprise to see players like Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Allen Iverson, Oscar Robertson, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant and Hakeem Olajuwon on the list.

Surprise Players That Have/Have Not Scored 20,000

Seeing Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West on the top scoring list are sure bets at online casino geld gewinnen, so we found that the most-interesting names on the list were the unexpected players such as Joe Johnson, Tom Chambers, Mitch Richmond, and Pau Gasol. These players are next to names like Steph Curry, James Harden and Clyde Drexler. That is a dedication to longevity and consistency.

The 20 NBA players with the most te...

The natural next thought we had were about the big name NBA superstars that never reached the 20,000 plateau; players who had illustrious careers but find themselves with fewer career points than the likes of (no disrespect) Robert Parish, Antawn Jamison and LaMarcus Aldridge. We’ll highlight a few of those players and then give you the full list.

1. Bill Russell We all know that Russell’s greatness wasn’t about his ability to score, but his presence on the defensive end and how he clearly impacted winning. He’s the NBA player with the most rings after all. Still it’s somewhat shocking to see that he only scored 14,522 points in 13 NBA seasons.

2. Magic Johnson Undeniably one of the top five players of all-time, Johnson scored just 17,707 points in his career. In part, that’s because Magic’s best skill wasn’t putting it in the basket, but passing the ball. His HIV diagnosis certainly shortened his career by a minimum of five NBA seasons in which he would have certainly added his name to the 20,000 points club.

3. Rick Barry The first player on this list that was actually a scorer, Barry was a big surprise to see he not only didn’t reach 20,000 points, but was more than 1,600 short. If you know your NBA history, you know that Barry played four seasons during his prime in the ABA in which the NBA doesn’t officially count his stats. He scored nearly 7,000 points in the ABA and lost another season when he left the NBA for the ABA. Barry wouldn’t have just made the 20,000 list, he would have been in the top half of it.

4. Isiah Thomas Same as Magic, Isiah Thomas was a point guard, so he sacrificed his scoring ability for passing. His career lasted 13 seasons which was about average for players of that time, but injuried shortened a couple of his later seasons 1990-91 and 1993-94. Had Thomas played another full season, the point god would have crossed the 20,000 point mark

5. Scottie Pippen Pippen didn’t leave his mark by scoring the basketball, but a player that played 16.5 seasons and often included in the upper half of the top 75 players of all time, should have been able to surpass 20,000 points. Pippen is the only player on our “surprised” list that we’re less surprised than we are disappointed; that’s why we’re often saying that he’s one of players that is at once is underrated and overrated.

6. Dwight Howard Talk about unfulfilled promise. Dwight Howard hasn’t officially retired, but no team has picked the former superstar center and it doesn’t look good. Even if he was picked up, Howard’s role has been so limited that it’s unlikely he would reach 20,000 points this season. Howard is short 515 points and his point totals his last four seasons were 115, 517, 482, and 372. Based on career trajectory, he would have to play at least two more seasons to surpass the 20K milestone.

Here’s our curated full list of the players we thought should have scored 20,000 points, but didn’t.

NBA Stars To Not Reach 20,000 Points
Player Points
Dwight Howard 19485
Tony Parker 19485
Scottie Pippen 18940
Isiah Thomas 18822
Rick Barry 18395
Tracy McGrady 18381
Magic Johnson 17707
Jason Kidd 17529
Steve Nash 17387
Kevin McHale 17335
Chris Bosh 17189
Chris Webber 17182
James Worthy 16320
Shawn Kemp 15347
Bill Russell 14522
Kevin Love 14383
Alonzo Mourning 14311
Manu Ginóbili* 14043
Klay Thompson 12740

The one player that we want to talk about hasn’t yet retired and likely has a couple more seasons in him is Klay Thompson. Listen we love Klay here at Interbasket, but we were really surprised to see that, as of this post, Klay hasn’t even hit the 13,000 point mark.

His 12,780 or so points are below the likes of Jeff Green, Stephen Jackson, Bill Laimbeer, and Ron Harper. That point total is slightly better than Armen Gilliam and Johnny Newman. We know that Klay has more basketball in him and is a great shooter, but after two major surgeries and the fact that he’ll turn 33 this season, we’re not confident that he’ll get remotely close to 20,000 points.

Klay has never scored more than 1,771 points in a season and it’s safe to say that he won’t get that again. If Klay can get 1,400 points per season over the next three seasons, including this one, he’ll have short of 17,000 points. No doubt that adds to Klay’s Hall of Fame credentials, but like Pippen, those are disappointing numbers considering some of his amazing individual scoring records and his stature as star on multiple NBA champion teams.

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